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Wildlife Removal & Control

At American Pest Solutions, we offer comprehensive wildlife control services. We are a conflict resolution company solving problems between people and wildlife. You may want the animals out, but that doesn't mean you want them hurt or killed. Here at American Pest Solutions we employ only the highest humane standards that are species specific.

Although it is not the animal's intent to be destructive or harmful they unknowingly cause damage such as gnawing on electrical wires that can ignite fires and damaged insulation that can cause rising heating / cooling costs. Entry points cause seeping of rain and snow, which leads to mold, and water damage resulting in costly repairs. Wildlife intrusions can also cause health and safety concerns such as anxiety, sleep deprivation, allergic reactions to the occupants.

Our professional wildlife control technicians will humanely remove the structural nuisance animal from home or business and exclude them by repairing the animal's entry points as well as animal-proofing other potential entry points. By implementing our scientific approach we can prevent the animals from causing further damage inside your structure.

Due to windshield time, there are some restrictions to our wildlife service area. To find out if we provide animal trapping and exclusion services in your community, please give us a call today.


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