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Bed Bugs In Connecticut & Massachusetts

Serious Problem, Serious Solutions

The first step toward eliminating pests is to understand the scope of a problem. Unfortunately, bed bugs are very difficult pests to detect and eliminate. You want the help of trained professionals for the most effective inspection and treatment possible.

Bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of humans, animals, and birds. There are telltale signs like bites and swelling on the skin, plus stains on bedding and nearby walls and trim. Bed bugs in recent years have been making a resurgence worldwide, especially in the United States.

Bed Bug Detection And Extermination

K-9 Inspection: Nothing More Effective

Simply put, while no inspection is 100 percent accurate, a K-9 inspection is the most effective way to identifying the scope of a bed bug infestation. Adult bed bugs are relatively easy to identify. But nymphs and eggs are very difficult to locate, especially in early or light infestations.

K-9 inspections offer three key advantages:

  • Expediency. Scent-detection dogs find bed bugs quickly and efficiently – in 2 to 15 minutes.

  • Simplicity. Little to no disruption to your home, office, or hotel room.

  • Efficiency. Detection is possible in cluttered areas, inside upholstered surfaces, mattress seams, beneath carpets, behind baseboards, and more.

How Does It Work?

K-9 bed bug detection dogs use their keen sense of smell to detect the odor of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. The American Pest Solutions K-9 unit dogs are trained on a food or toy reward philosophy, similar to cadaver and police dogs. This means that if the K-9 signals (a special action specific to each individual dog’s training) it will be rewarded with food by a K-9 handler. The area or areas where the bed bug dog signals will be documented for further inspection by the handler.

Professional Treatment

Once the scope of the bed bug problem has been identified, it is best to leave bed bug extermination to professionals. We are experts in implementing balanced approaches that include non-chemical controls, such as vacuuming and insecticide treatments. The insecticides we use require special equipment and training and therefore are not readily available in over-the-counter products.

Chemical treatment for quick elimination and long-term control. The use of chemical pesticides to eliminate bed bug problems is often most effective when applied over multiple visits (typically three visits within a one month period). Insecticide application alone may cause dispersal of bed bugs to neighboring areas of a structure, spreading the infestation. Furthermore, the problem of insecticide resistance in bed bug populations increases their opportunity to spread. Based on the level of infestation It may be necessary to discard or launder certain items as indicated at the time of our inspection.

How Do You Prepare For A Bed Bug Treatment?

A customer prep sheet is provided once the treatment is scheduled. People and pets must be out of the treated areas during the treatment and for one hour after. If any visible residue is found it can be removed by simply wiping it up with a damp paper towel and placing it in the trash.

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