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Bird Control

Repelling aerial pests, humanely

A bird problem can lead to contaminated products, damaged buildings, and, ultimately, lost business. Droppings signal unsanitary conditions, can eat away at building finishes and be expensive to clean up. And, in some cases, certain species of birds have been recognized as public health threats because they harbor disease organisms that can be transmitted to humans. For all these reasons, the sooner you’re rid of a bird control problem, the better.

American Pest Solutions can tailor a bird control program specific to your residence or business that uses habitat modification to make your facility unattractive to common birds that can become pests, such as starlings, sparrows and pigeons.

Common bird control solutions include:

  • Structural netting

  • Gels or metal mesh/sheet metal barriers

  • Anti-roosting spikes or perch blockers

  • Wire deterrent systems

  • Baiting programs

  • Physical or visual deterrents

  • Electrified and non-electrified

  • Sonic devices

Birds tend to recognize false threats and usually adapt quickly to most static bird control devices. The most effective avian control devices either physically stop the birds or actively modify behavior using a mild harmless shock.

After an inspection, our technician may offer solutions ranging from trapping, deterrents, repellents, eviction and structural repair, and roost prevention techniques including bird spikes and bird netting.

We address all bird issues in both residential and commercial environments. From pigeons and sparrows to flickers and geese. American Pest Solutions will recommend exclusion as a first choice to any bird issue. Whichever approach we recommend, American Pest Solutions will eliminate the problem as humanely as possible. Please note that some birds are protected and certain restrictions in place must be followed.


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