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Green Pest Control

It is the mission of American Pest Solutions to promote environmentally sound pest management while protecting the health and safety of the public and property.

We define a green pest management program as follows:

A decision-making process for managing pests that uses monitoring to determine pest levels and tolerance thresholds and combines biological, cultural, physical, and chemical tools to minimize health, environmental, and financial risks.

The method uses extensive knowledge about pests, such as infestation thresholds, life histories, environmental requirements, and other natural control of pests. The method uses the least toxic pesticides only as a last resort and includes the following guiding principles:

Monitor each pest ecosystem to determine pest population, size, occurrence, and natural enemy population, if present. Identify decisions and practices that could affect the levels of pest populations. Accurate records of all such monitoring shall be kept.

Set threshold and action levels. The threshold level refers to the point where a pest problem causes an unacceptable impact. The action level is the level of pest population at a specific site at which action must be taken to prevent the population from reaching the threshold level causing economic damage.

Consider a range of potential treatments for the pest problem. Employ non-chemical management tactics first. Consider the use of chemicals only as a last resort, select and use the least toxic formulation effective against the target pest, and use pesticides only in accordance with other provisions of this policy. This Green Strategy also provides for periodical re-evaluation of pesticides used and ongoing education of staff and public as needed.


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