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At some point, virtually every Connecticut and Western Massachusetts home experiences some type of pest problem.pest guard home pest protection program Even the cleanest, most well-kept properties face invasion from opportunistic insects, rodents, or birds. 

Unfortunately, not every home enjoys a fast, efficient, and long-lasting response to such pests. Problems fester, pest populations grow and the time and cost associated with resolution expand rapidly as well.

At American Pest Solutions we provide prompt, 24-hour answering service to our residential customers to ensure your home is protected from the threat of infestation.

Pest Guard: Year-Round Protection
From A Multitude Of Pests

Pest Guard offers homeowners complete integrated protection against common household pests that may invade the home throughout the year. Our Board Certified Entomologist designed and engineered this home pest control plan. Not only is it designed to address any current pest activity, but also focuses on prevention. With American Pest Solutions on the job, you don’t have to worry about pest problems becoming serious issues. We can treat any pest control issues you may have in the Hartford CT area. 

What To Expect With The Pest Guard Home Pest Control Plan

When you partner with American Pest Solutions to protect your home and family we’ll start by sending over one of our state-certified and licensed pest control consultants to evaluate your home and treat for any existing pest infestation. This includes, but is not limited to installing rodent traps in the basement and garage, if applicable, and treating peaks, eaves, overhangs, and shutters. After our initial service visit, we’ll visit your home a minimum of four times during the 12-month service period. These visits are primarily exterior (after the initial treatment), unless you let us know about a pest problem inside.

What Pests Are Covered Under Pest Guard?

When you sign up for Pest Guard with American Pest Solutions, your home (and any other structures agreed upon at the time of service) will be protected from:

  • Mice

  • Spiders

  • Sowbugs

  • Millipedes

  • Centipedes

  • Carpenter ants

  • Wasps

Protection Against Termites Included

Pest Guard also includes termite coverage. We’ll install an in-ground termite monitoring stations around the exterior perimeter of the home and monitor for activity from April through October. If termites are discovered in any of the stations, we’ll convert to an active baiting program and add additional stations as needed around the dwelling for an additional fee each quarter. Please note, this program is designed to detect termite activity and a more aggressive termite control strategy may be necessary separate from this program.

No Matter What’s Pestering You,
American Pest Solutions Can Help

In addition to taking care of common house infesting pests, our fully licensed American Pest Solutions service technicians have the education and experience to tackle any pest problem, with specialization in the following areas:

  • Bed Bugs - Serious problems require serious solutions

  • Birds - Repelling aerial pests, humanely

  • Rodents - Eliminating threats to health and cleanliness

  • Termites - Stopping the path of destruction cold

Education is the key to our success. Our board-certified entomologist provides on-going field training and specialized education for all our professional staff, ensuring that you receive the most effective service possible. If you’d like our entomologist to take a look at your property first hand, simply ask. He is available by appointment.

When you need us most, American Pest Solutions is only a phone call away.

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