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Rodent Control

Threats To Health And Cleanliness

Let’s face it: Seeing one rodent is seeing one too many. While we’re at it, let’s face this reality as well: If you’ve spotted one rodent, it’s likely there are several others nearby that you haven’t seen.

Rodents can cause serious damage to your home or building, and, as carriers of disease, they pose a health hazard to us all. Rodents can cause serious health risks, including hantavirus, which have caused serious health problems in the Far East, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. The virus causing the recent U.S. cases is a hantavirus strain that seems to be unique to North America. This new strain, thought to be spread by the common deer mouse, attacks the lung and causes a disease called Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

While it was originally thought to be localized to the Southwest, there have been cases reported on the East Coast, including the Northeast. Infected rodents shed live virus in saliva, feces, and urine. Humans are infected when they inhale dust that contains dried rodent urine or feces.

Rodents also pose a threat to your property. Their gnawing on wood, paper, cloth, books, and insulation on electrical, home entertainment, and computer network wiring can cause inconvenience and enhance the threat of fire.

Your Rodent Problem May Be Bigger Than You Anticipated

Rodents are scavengers and will eat any food available. Once they locate a steady food source, rodents nest nearby, and populations grow rapidly. Unfortunately, by the time you see one, they are probably entrenched.

House mice are prolific breeders. They produce as many as 13 litters per year, with on average six offspring per litter. The gestation period is about 19 days.

On the other hand, field mice spend at least half the year outdoors in their nests, and once the weather turns cooler, they will attempt to gain entry to a building for the warmth, shelter, protection, and food that can be found inside.

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American Pest Solutions offers comprehensive rodent removal and structural repair services. We'll perform a full inspection to determine possible entry points and propose effective solutions. When possible, we seal off pest entry points and then address current infestations.



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