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The Problem With Stink Bugs On Your Western Massachusetts Property

October 20, 2021

With a name like “stink bugs,” you know what you’re in for. These strange insects can make a surprise appearance indoors around the late winter and early spring and cause mayhem for farmers and gardeners in the summer. Not to mention, they smell pretty bad. To spare your plants and… > Read More

Answering Western Massachusetts Most Common Mouse Questions

October 20, 2021

Mice are tiny rodents that mean big problems for Western Massachusetts residents. Find out all the answers to your pressing questions about mice in this guide. > Read More

How To Keep Rats Away From Your Western Massachusetts Property

October 15, 2021

Along with spiders and cockroaches, rats are on the shortlist of the most dreaded pests in the U.S. There’s just something about the size and appearance of these rodents that just grosses people out. But beyond how they look, rats are downright awful pests that cause a number of problems. If… > Read More

Why You Should Call The Pros About Roaches In Your Western Massachusetts Home

October 10, 2021

If there’s one good thing about living in New England, it’s the lack of year-round outdoor bugs. But while the winter weather might spell the end for mosquitoes, wasps, and other seasonal pests in the area, cockroaches still thrive. > Read More

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