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Hartford, Connecticut is an 18 square-mile city located a little over 100 miles from both Boston and New York.  With 17 unique neighborhoods, Hartford has a place for everyone. That includes insects, rodents and wildlife.  Yes, along with the 125,000+ residents, unfortunately, a wide variety of pests call Hartford home.  At American Pest Solutions, we know this to be true because we have an office right in Hartford that services the capital city and surrounding areas.  Our local pest control professionals have a keen understanding of the pest pressures Hartford residents contend with, and using the most effective pest control technology, work hard to get rid of ants, roaches and other pests that cause serious issues.   

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Protect Your Home From Spiders & Household Pests

House spiders are annoying.  If they're in your home that means there are gaps or openings that are allowing these arachnids in.  It also means that other house infesting pests have made it past your front door.  Here at American Pest Solutions, we understand that insects and rodents have no place in your Hartford home and we work hard to eliminate these nuisance and potentially damaging pests.  Our home pest control program, Pest Guard, offers homeowners year round protection, an initial interior treatment,  four exterior treatments over the course of the year (inside too if you have a pest problem), and prompt 24-hour service should you need us in between visits.  If you're concerned about your family's health and safety and your dwelling, contact the Hartford pest control experts at American Pest Solutions.  

Ant Control Services In Hartford CT

Here in Connecticut, there are two different types of ants and they are nuisance ants and wood destroying ants.  Nuisance ants are relatively harmless and their proximity to us is more annoying than anything else.  Pavement ants fall into this group.  Wood destroying ants wreak havoc on structures and building materials made of wood.  When you think of wood destroying ants, think of carpenter ants.  If you've discovered an ants in or around your home, give us a call.  Our team of Hartford pest control professionals will identify the type of ant and customize a program that will eliminate your ant problem quickly and completely!

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In addition to home pest control, we offer pest solutions for all manner of pests.  Our pest control services include:

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