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Termite Control 

Destroying The Path Of Destruction

Termites aren’t much of a threat to people, but few other insects pose a bigger threat to your home or building. Their saw-toothed jaws work like shears, steadily chipping off fragments of wood, one piece at a time. Over time, the process can compromise the integrity of a building, placing occupants in danger and leaving owners with massive repair bills.

Here in the Northeast, we encounter the Eastern Subterranean species, which tends to live 15-25 feet underground and perhaps as far as 50 yards from your structure. Think of termites as miniature dump trucks, traveling nonstop along a highway from their nest, or colony, to your house. During termite season, empty trucks are bumper to bumper coming in and full trucks are bumper to bumper going back to the colony. A typical termite colony can number 300,000 to 3,000,000 workers. With those numbers, a colony would fill a 55-gallon drum.

To rid a building of termites, our professional exterminators use the creature’s nature against it. Worker termites fill up on wood in your building, return to the colony and feed others by regurgitating the wood. They also preen often, ingesting whatever material they clean from each other’s bodies. These two traits are central to both methods of extermination we employ.

Monitoring And Bait Systems

Monitoring and bait systems are designed to detect and eliminate termites already active in and around your structure. At American Pest Solutions, our pest control technicians place Advance® Termite Bait System around the structure to defend against termites 24/7.  Worker termites pass these stations, ingest a growth inhibitor, and take it back to their colony on their bodies. There, members of the colony will consume it. Over time, both foraging termites and the entire colony are destroyed.  

Liquid Termicide Treatment

A liquid termiticide is applied in an underground "curtain" around the house. Termites pass through the treated soil as they go back and forth from the food source to the colony. They preen regularly, and in the process, become unknowing carriers of the chemical as they deliver food to the colony. The Queen, king, larvae, pupae, and other underdeveloped termites eat the termiticide-enriched food and since the chemical acts like a time-release virus, they slowly begin to die off. Today’s liquid termite soil treatments are relatively fast-acting and very effective. The colony is usually eliminated within 15 to 45 days.

American Pest Solutions uses the smallest amount of natural material possible while still resolving the problem. When conventional, EPA-registered materials are required, we follow very stringent use guidelines so that they pose no threat to people or pets.

Of course, our service technicians will inform you of any specific safety measures that need to be taken.


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