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Commercial Pest Control in Western Massachusetts 

American Pest Solutions has been improving the quality of life for our clients, employees and the communities in Western Massachusetts and Hartford, Connecticut for more than 100 years. We strive to protect your facility by employing the most efficient, environmentally friendly pest control solutions possible.

Unfortunately, all it takes is the presence of just one pest to call your operation into question. Without rapid, effective response to even the smallest pest problem, business owners risk falling victim to hastily formed opinions of health inspectors, potential clients or possible business partners.

The truth is, even the cleanest of buildings can have pest problems. Shipping containers, cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, pipes, vents, hidden cracks and crevasses all provide entry points for insects, rodents and birds. Whether your business is a medical facility, restaurant or warehouse, or a supermarket or school, a pest-free environment is essential.

At American Pest Solutions, we provide prompt, 24-hour service to our commercial customers to ensure your place of business is protected from the threat of infestation.

Our fully licensed service technicians have the education and experience to tackle any pest problem, with specialization in the following areas:

Education is the key to our success. Our board-certified entomologist provides on-going field training and specialized education for all our professional staff, ensuring that you receive the most effective service possible. If you’d like our entomologist to take a look at your property first hand, simply ask. He is available by appointment.

Transparent Accountability

Bar Code For Transparent AccountabilityWe want you to know. At APS we believe accountability is an important part of the trust you place on us. With that in mind we created Transparent Accountability.

Transparent Accountability is a trademarked program exclusive to APS. It allows our customers secure online access to pay invoices, view and update account information, view and print statements, schedule service, view billing and service history, and detailed device inspection with bar coded reporting. Ask your APS rep to find out if Transparent Accountability is right for your account.

When you need us most, American Pest Solutions is only a phone call away.


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