How To Tell If Spiders Have Gotten Inside Your Home

December 14, 2018

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Do you wonder if your home is infested by spiders?

Have you noticed an increase in the number of spider webs around your home?

Do you wonder why and how spiders are inside your home right now?

Most people believe spiders come inside in mass numbers in the fall because the temperature is dropping. However, most spiders don’t need to seek warmth and shelter during the colder months because their bodies can actually handle temperatures as low as -5°F. They do tend to slow down to conserve energy and will go dormant if it gets too cold for them.

The real reason spiders seek shelter inside homes is because it is a great place to find food, specifically flies and other small insects. Their food supply outdoors diminishes as temperatures get colder. It is relatively easy for spiders to slip inside through cracks, screens, vents, and even on firewood or other items taken in from outdoors.

No matter how spiders get in or for what reason, most people don’t want to share their home with them. Many people have an extreme fear of spiders, or at least a serious disdain for these creepy, unpredictable creatures. Some spiders can bite, and others may cause actual harm to humans.

In order to find out if spiders have found their way into your home, you should be able to identify a few signs of their presence:

  • Spiders create webs or burrows, depending on the type of spider. Look for them in dark secluded areas that contain moisture, such as attics, crawl spaces, closets, and storage boxes.
  • Ceilings, corners, and window sills may also conceal spiders, so check these areas for signs of their existence.
  • In addition to their webs or burrows, you may find their egg sacs. Spiders' egg sacs can hold up to 100 eggs in each one, which exponentially furthers the current infestation once they hatch.

Professional Pest Control is Best

If you do find that your home is infested with spiders, it is most likely also infested with a plethora of other insect pests. This is why it so important to contact a professional pest control company to identify the problem. A professional will eradicate the spiders and other pests, and help you to prevent any further infestations in the future.

American Pest Solutions in Western Massachusetts and Hartford County, Connecticut, offers professional spider and pest control. Our experienced exterminators possess the proper tools and knowledge needed to take care of the problem. They will treat your home and prevent spiders and other insects from returning.

Our year-round residential Pest Guard program is the answer to your problem. Call us at American Pest Solutions for more information on how we can help you.

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