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Where House Spiders Like To Hide

November 6, 2017

Now that Halloween is in the past for another year, you may think that your daily interaction with those creepy arachnids and their unsightly webs is over until next fall; but you had better think again! While it is true that the over-sized fake spiders and webs will be safely tucked away inside a… > Read More

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Summer Ants Are Causing Problems In Springfield Again

June 30, 2016

Summer weather is upon us, and so are the ants.  Everyone dreads ant season when those tiny, tenacious ants begin their march to invade homes.  There are many species of ants throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, but perhaps two of the more common are carpenter ants and pavement ants. > Read More

pest guard home protection plan in ma and ct   Carpenter ants and pavement ants   damage caused by carpenter ants


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