Are You Hearing Noises Coming From Your Roof?

A mice hiding under a chair

Do you know the line in that fun Christmas song: “Up on the housetop, reindeer pause? ”Well, maybe you are hearing sounds coming from the direction of your housetop, but maybe it isn't reindeer you are hearing. And maybe the noise isn't coming from outside, on top of the roof. Maybe the sounds are actually coming from inside your roof, in your attic. And I bet if you are hearing these noises, you are also finding gifts left in your home. Not "lots of toys" but, instead, things like rodent droppings in your silverware drawers, or fleas in your carpet. Perhaps a song about your house would sound something like this:

“Under the rooftop, squirrels pause,

Rats and mice leave signs in drawers.

Down through the chimney come lots of pests,

All to disturb your family's rest."

Signs of animals in your home:

 If you are experiencing any of the following, you may have a pest problem:

  • Visual detection: You have actually seen a critter inside your home, or entering from the outside. You have found a dead animal inside or found a nest in your attic. You have holes in your baseboards that have a greasy residue around them.
  • Strange odors: The smell of droppings, urine, or body oils of wildlife can be noticeable.
  • Droppings: These are often found in the backs of drawers or along baseboards.
  • Runs: Worn trails found next to walls, along fences, and even through insulation are signs of rodent movement.
  • Claw marks or footprints: On dusty surfaces, you may notice prints, tail marks, or other imprints, such as wing prints. This is a good sign of an infestation. If you suspect an animal in a certain area, sprinkling a powdery substance and checking for tracks later is a good idea.
  • Animal hair caught on boards in the attic or other places.
  • Gnaw marks: Animals, especially animals that have teeth that never stop growing, such as mice and rats, will leave evidence of their presence when they gnaw on wood and other materials.
  • Pets becoming excited: When animals are moving about inside your walls, pets may become agitated, whining, sniffing, and scratching to try to get to the animal.
  • Sounds. You may hear growls, squeaks, hisses, chitters, gnawing, or clawing. You may also hear scampering and climbing noises coming from inside your walls, attic, or other areas, such as under decks, stairways, sheds, and other outbuildings. If this is the case, you might have a skunk, opossum, or groundhog living in or near your home.

Wild animals can be dangerous.

If you know, or strongly suspect, that you have a wild animal living in, under, or near your home, please don't take matters into your own hands. These critters may seem harmless, but they are wild, unpredictable, and can carry the rabies virus among other things. Here at American Pest Solutions, we offer comprehensive wildlife control services to help your home be completely free of pest animals. Let us take care of all that noise in your attic and wall voids, so you can get some rest at last.

"Ho ho ho, they've got to go-oh!

Clean out your house and get some rest!

Call in the pros at American Pest!”

Happy Holidays!