Effective Skunk Control: Preventing Skunks Around Your Western Massachusetts Home

A skunk standing on grassy land

Skunks are notorious. They are highly active pests who will explore every aspect of their environment, and they leave no stone unturned. If a skunk wanders into your area, it will carefully explore all aspects of your yard. If it finds something it likes - food, shelter, and water - it may decide to stay. Bad interactions with skunks can lead to being sprayed, and their spray is notoriously pungent and hard to remove. Pets are especially vulnerable to this because they tend to be curious and seek to interact with skunks on sight.

A skunk in your yard can spell trouble. If you see skunks, call American Pest Solutions. We know home pest control in Western Massachusetts.

Skunk Invasions: How To Identify Signs of Skunk Activity

Skunks can cause significant problems on your property, and it is good to be able to identify skunk infestations. While the sight of a skunk is an indicator, smelling them frequently also indicates that you may have a skunk problem. Signs of foraging in your garbage or other potential food areas can also be an indicator. Finding small holes dug in your lawn can indicate skunks are present and digging up grubs. Finally, finding skunk droppings and tracks on your property can alert you to the presence of skunks.

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The Dangers of Skunk Encounters: Health and Safety Risks to Consider

Although skunks are classically associated with noxious spray, they can also bring other problems with them:

  • Skunks can introduce parasites onto your property.
  • Skunks can be carriers of rabies, potentially jeopardizing you and your family.
  • Skunks are associated with infectious diseases like salmonella and distemper.
  • Skunk spray can also introduce severe health risks to susceptible individuals.

Skunks can also cause considerable damage to your property’s vegetation, which can be expensive to repair/renew.

Skunks in Western Massachusetts can introduce your property to many challenges. If you’ve discovered a destructive skunk infestation on your property, call American Pest Solutions for skunk pest control. We can come out and perform a careful inspection of your property, following which we can report our findings to you and help you decide on the proper courses of action.

American Pest Solutions professionals know all about local skunk control, and we can help you with yours. Get in touch with us today. 

Skunk Deterrence Tactics: Preventive Measures to Keep Skunks Away

Since skunks can cause a lot of damage to your property and introduce your family to health risks, skunk pest control is critical to keep your property safe and sound. Here are some intelligent steps you can take to decrease your chances of having to deal with skunks:

  • Seal garbage: Skunks are highly attracted to open garbage and the food it offers. Sealing garbage well can help decrease an easy meal opportunity for skunks.
  • Eliminate clutter: Skunks like to forage in and around clutter. Eliminating all yard clutter can help decrease its attractiveness to skunks.
  • Don’t leave food out: Leaving pet food or anything else skunks might like outside can readily attract squirrels; this includes bird food.
  • Remove other pests: Skunks eat several types of insects. Eliminating insect infestations can help decrease your chances of dealing with skunks.

These tips can help decrease your chances of dealing with skunks in Western Massachusetts, but they may still come around. If they do, American Pest Solutions professionals want to come around, too, to help you get rid of skunks. Contact us today for help controlling nuisance skunks.

Professional Skunk Control Services: The Advantages of Expertise

If skunks have invited themselves onto your property, call American Pest Solutions. We can help you remove skunks and then keep them away.