Bed Bugs Invade Springfield

A close up image of a bed bug

There are spring pests, pantry pests, summer pests, and winter pests; and then there are year-round pests. At the top of the list of year-round pests is an insect known as a bed bug. These small, flattened, oval-shaped brownish bugs feed solely on the blood of humans and animals. Blood-sucking bed bugs have been around for a long time and are even referenced in medieval European writings as well as writings dating back to the time of Aristotle.

The infestation of bed bugs, however, didn’t end with Aristotle’s writings. In fact, they are still around, and human blood continues to be the bed bug’s preferred choice of food today. It seemed that, for a period of time, bed bug infestations had drastically slowed down but have recently resurfaced to epidemic levels throughout the world. They had been almost completely eradicated in the United States shortly after WWII. However, the bed bug population has increased by 50% each year for the past several years.

Springfield residents can attest to this, as there are daily calls from the city and surrounding areas requesting help with the removal of bed bugs. With such a resurgence of bed bug infestation come questions regarding health issues, diseases, and other possible dangers. Bed bugs feed by biting humans with an elongated beak through which they suck blood. This bite is normally not even felt but can later become red and cause an itchy welt. Most people don’t realize they’ve been bitten by a bed bug and think it is nothing more than a mosquito bite.

The good news is that bed bugs have not been known to transmit diseases. The only medical issue in relation to humans is nothing more than varied reactions to bites with itching and inflammation. The greatest danger from bed bugs, perhaps, is the discomfort, lack of restful sleep, embarrassment, and anxiety. These conditions alone are quite stressful and cause enough to call for total eradication.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and can live in almost any crevice or tiny crack. This makes eradication extremely challenging and almost impossible for the novice. DIY techniques rarely ever work and extermination will require the services of trained professionals to provide effective treatment. While adult bed bugs can be seen, nymphs and eggs are very difficult to locate. However, they must also be removed to stop the continuing reproduction cycle. American Pest Solutions K-9 dogs are highly trained and able to locate bugs, nymphs, and eggs. Once bed bugs have been identified, American Pest Solutions has a balanced approach of treatments to remove them and keep you free of these year-round pests. Place your trust in Massachusetts’ oldest family-owned pest control company and contact American Pest Solutions today for protection from these unwanted pests.