Rooting Out The Raccoons On Your Western Massachusetts Property

A close up image of a raccoon eating a fruit

Some people underestimate how dangerous wild animals can be in a domestic setting based on their cute appearance. However, animals like raccoons can cause more issues than merely being mischievous. They can cause a ruckus all over your Western Massachusetts neighborhood and even cause dangers due to complications with rabies. If you are dealing with raccoons, it's best to contact Western Massachusetts pest control professionals immediately. 

Where Raccoons May Be Hiding

As nocturnal creatures, raccoons sleep and rest in dens in forests, such as inside logs or hollow trees. However, if you're dealing with raccoons in Western Massachusetts, there is typically a lack of forest, forcing raccoons to make dens in alternate locations like drains and dumpsters. Raccoons prefer to live near a water source in forested areas. They can also be found living around livestock watering areas and farmsteads. They typically seek out ground caves, hollow trees, brush piles, muskrat houses, abandoned buildings and barns, dense clumps of cattails, rock crevices, and haystacks. They also use parts of homes, including attics, chimneys, and hollow areas beneath porches, to make their dens. 

What To Do When You've Spotted The Raccoons

If you spot raccoons, make sure to steer clear of any close encounters. Raccoons can be a common sight in all areas, including rural, suburban, and urban. However, this does not mean they are friendly or safe to humans. They are very dangerous if they get too close. If a raccoon approaches too closely, it's essential to make yourself appear larger by shouting, waving your arms, or standing up. If it continues to come towards you, spray water, or throw stones. If a raccoon gets into your Western Massachusetts house, it's best to remain calm, leave the room, close surrounding interior doors, and let the animal find its way back through the pet door, window, or open door. However, never corner a raccoon, as that will force it to defend itself. Raccoons are brilliant animals with near-human dexterity. Door latches, trash can lids, windows, doors, and cabinets are inconsequential to a hungry raccoon. While they are unlikely to be aggressive unless infected with rabies, they may charge or hiss if confronted. Having a hissing, scared raccoon in or near your house is a safety risk.

Ten Essential Raccoon Control Tips

If you're already dealing with raccoons on your property, it's best to leave the removal to pest control professionals. However, the following tips can help repel raccoons from your yard in the first place:

  1. Secure trash cans.
  2. Clean up after outdoor meals. 
  3. Bring fruits and veggies inside as they ripen. 
  4. Block access to hiding places. 
  5. Eliminate water sources. 
  6. Treat your lawn for grubs. 
  7. Use scent repellents. 
  8. Install motion-activated lights and sprinklers. 
  9. Try sonic deterrent devices. 
  10. Don't leave pet food outside, especially overnight. 

Ensuring raccoons stay out of your home is the primary concern; trying to prevent access to your home through your backyard is best. 

Raccoon Removal & Control With American Pest Solutions

American Pest Solutions is here to help you eliminate a raccoon infestation around your home. We will customize a plan to remove raccoons that have become a problem. Learn more about our wildlife removal services. If you pick up a raccoon or two in your backyard, don't hesitate to call American Pest Solutions for professional wildlife removal services. Our attention to the environmental impact of pest control means we intend to keep the animals safe as well as the people in our community.

While wildlife trapping is restricted to licensed professionals in Massachusetts, that doesn't mean you have to shell out a pretty penny to have it done. For dangerous and nuisance wildlife, you can trust American Pest Solutions to conduct professional wildlife removal safely and quickly. Call American Pest Solutions today for wildlife assistance.