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Should I Consider Mosquito Control Services In Western Massachusetts?

Summer is the season for family vacations, barbecues, and all kinds of outdoor activities. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for mosquitoes. These blood-feeding pests can really put a damper on your summer fun. While you can’t control mosquitoes everywhere you go, you can reduce them in your own backyard. If you’ve finally had enough of these bugs and are considering mosquito control services, this guide is for you. Read on to learn crucial facts about mosquitoes, natural ways to deter them, and why you should opt for professional mosquito control.

Mosquitoes In Western Massachusetts: What You Should Know

Mosquitoes affect everyone, so it’s important to educate yourself about these prevalent pests. There are a few things everyone should know about the mosquitoes in Massachusetts.

Here are some crucial mosquito facts to be aware of:

  • Fifty-one different types of mosquitoes have been identified in Massachusetts, although many of these do not bite humans.
  • Some kinds of mosquitoes can transmit viruses that will make you sick.
  • Mosquitoes are often most active at dusk, dawn, and throughout the night, but some species are active all day.
  • Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite, as they require blood to nourish their eggs.

Perhaps the most important piece of information about mosquitoes is that they can be hazardous to your health. Typically, mosquito bites simply result in swollen, itchy welts. The bites are uncomfortable, to be sure, but are usually otherwise benign. That said, mosquitoes can sometimes carry viruses, including West Nile, chikungunya, yellow fever, encephalitis, and dengue. All of these diseases can make you seriously ill, and it is important to consider this in your decision to opt for mosquito control.

Three Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes are impossible to avoid entirely, there are ways to help keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Mosquitoes are attracted to particular factors, so limiting these can help reduce mosquito populations on your property. Here are our top three natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes:

  1. Remove areas of standing water on your property. Empty birdbaths, flowerpots, and other water-filled containers can serve as breeding sites for mosquitoes.
  2. Keep your gutters and downspouts clean and well-maintained to prevent puddles from forming.
  3. Reduce excess vegetation that provides shelter for mosquitoes during the day.

Addressing breeding and resting sites can help reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard. To further protect yourself from mosquitoes, wear long-sleeve shirts and pants and apply insect repellent while outdoors. You can also use fans to help keep mosquitoes at bay during outdoor gatherings. While all of these methods can make a difference when it comes to mosquitoes, professional treatments are by far the most effective.

FAQ: Spraying For Mosquitoes In Western Massachusetts

By this point, you probably have a few questions about professional mosquito control. We’re here to answer some frequently asked questions about mosquito spraying.

  • How does professional mosquito control work? Mosquito spraying is the most common method of professional mosquito control. It involves misting your yard to kill and/or repel mosquitoes.
  • How effective is mosquito spraying? Spraying for mosquitoes in your yard is highly effective. While it will not completely eliminate mosquitoes from your property, it will reduce their populations drastically. This will make your yard much more comfortable and help protect you from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases.
  • Is mosquito spraying safe? American Pest Solutions uses EPA-registered pesticides labeled for use in homes and yards. When applied properly by a trained professional, mosquito spraying poses minimal risk to people and pets.

Mosquito spraying is the best way to repel mosquitoes. If you have any other questions regarding spraying for mosquitoes in Western Massachusetts, give us a call at American Pest Solutions today.

Control Mosquitoes The Easy Way With American Pest Solutions

Mosquitoes can make it difficult to enjoy your backyard. If mosquitoes are ruining your outdoor fun again this year, make this the summer that you finally take a stand against these biting pests - with safe and effective mosquito control from American Pest Solutions.

American Pest Solutions provides quality pest control in Western Massachusetts. Since 1913, we have served our community with reliable pest control solutions and exceptional customer service.

Battling mosquitoes with insect repellent, bug zappers, and citronella candles will only get you so far. American Pest Solutions makes mosquito control easy so that you can stop your never-ending fight against these pests.

Our Mosquito Guard program keeps mosquito levels low all season long. We will visit every few weeks to ensure that you have optimal protection from mosquitoes. If you’re planning an outdoor event, our mosquito treatments are an excellent way to guarantee that your guests have a great time.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin another summer - contact the pros at American Pest Solutions for effective mosquito control today and to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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