Adult mosquitoes have a narrow oval-shaped body, distinctive long legs, and a long nose. Their long nose is called a proboscis and is used to in feeding. Their bodies are gray with white stripes going across their abdomen and are covered with white, silver, blue, or green, iridescent scales. Mosquitoes can range in length from 1/4 - 3/8th of an inch, and have a single pair of wings that are covered in scales.

Both male and female mosquitoes feed on the nectar of flowers as their main food source. It is only the females that use their proboscis to feed on the blood of humans and animals. They need the protein from the blood in order to produce their eggs. Females lay their eggs on the surfaces of any standing water that is readily available.

Dangers Associated With Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are considered to be dangerous to be living and breeding on your property or in nearby areas. They feed on a large variety of hosts and can become infected with a number of diseases that they can then pass on to humans. These viruses include the very dangerous West Nile virus. The West Nile virus is found throughout the entire United States and if left untreated can have devastating consequences including high fevers, weakness, confusion, and even coma. Other diseases that they can pass on include malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, dengue fever, and Zika.  For more information on the Zika virus and it's status here in the United States, click here to check out the Zika information section of the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) website or click here to visit the Zika virus section of the official website of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services of the state of Massachusetts.

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Here in New England, mosquito season is generally May through October.  Warmer weather earlier or extended warm weather, later on, might get these pests moving early and sticking around longer.  Mosquitoes are most active in the cooler morning and evening hours of the day.  When it's hot out, they tend to seek shade areas like tall grass and dense landscape.  

Mosquito Prevention Tips 

Mosquitoes can’t be 100% eliminated from your property, but measures taken by professionals can greatly reduce their numbers and offer you some control over them. Getting help from professionals is the best way to prevent mosquitoes. There are some steps that you can take around your home to reduce them.

Mosquito prevention tips include:

  • Reduce as much standing water on your property as possible.
  • Keep gutters and all water-shedding systems running smoothly to prevent puddles of standing water.
  • If possible fill in low-lying areas in your lawn.
  • Trash cans and dumpsters should have tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep wading pools, wheelbarrows and other containers upside down when not in use so that they do not collect water.
  • Repair or replace windows, doors, and ventilation screens to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes

Controlling mosquitoes is a difficult but important task. Mosquitoes will travel miles in order to find food sources and are carriers of many serious diseases. The most effective, successful, and safe way to control them is with the help of a professional pest control service. The professionals at American Pest Solutions can help you with our mosquito control services. If mosquitoes have taken over your property, contact American Pest Solutions today.

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