Are You Attracting Wildlife Creatures To Your Hartford Property?

Raccoon sneaking around a Hartford, Connecticut property during the early fall season.

Late-night scramblings and mysterious noises from outside a bedroom window can feel like something right out of a horror movie. In reality, the dangers that wild beasts pose to our health and safety can make anyone's skin crawl.

It doesn’t take much to attract a whole host of things that creep, skitter, crawl, and fly to the outskirts of your home, scavenging for whatever food they can find. As you may have already experienced, the variety of problems these pests can create on your property are as diverse as they are.

If you’ve been dealing with skunks, the threat of startling or otherwise invoking the creature’s wrath can keep you on edge for weeks. Smaller creatures like raccoons, squirrels, and certain birds might be only days away from discovering your electrical wiring or the fashionable pink fluff lining your attic space. Worst of all are the dangerous ones, from several hundred-pound bears to thin, deadly snakes like copperheads.

In order to deal with problematic wildlife creatures, you need to know why they were attracted to your property in the first place, and how to ensure they won’t come back again.

Where the Wild Things Are

Many homeowners unwittingly attract wild creatures to their property by doing one or more of the following:

  • Storing outdoor garbage in easily accessible bins near the front or sides of their home. Bins that aren’t emptied regularly will have a stronger smell, which can attract wildlife.
  • Not having chimney caps or vent meshes allow smaller, more nimble creatures to poke around your home’s interior without being spotted.
  • Leaving garage, shed, and porch doors open and unsupervised.

Forgetting to regularly inspect for entry points around doors, windows, walls, and house foundations. Without consistent repairs, many creatures will assume that the space is theirs for the taking. If the damage is too large or severe to handle alone, consider working with a licensed professional.

Keep Wildlife Wild with APS

Some types of wildlife are too large, dangerous, or complicated to remove without proper materials and prior training. If you need to focus on wildlife trapping, removal, or exclusion on your property, choose American Pest Control, the best option in the Springfield area for dealing with your wild pests.

After your free initial evaluation, our pest control operatives will work closely with you to not only remove the existing issue but to safeguard against it reoccurring in the future. If you’re ready to start focusing on the solution that’s right for you, reach out to us today to schedule your inspection and find the home pest control plan that you and your family deserve.