Why Are Fruit Flies Infesting My Home?

A close up image of a fruit fly's head

Fruit fly infestations are so frustrating! If your home is infested with fruit flies, then every time you peel a piece of fruit or leave a sweet beverage unattended, you’ll end up with fruit flies flying around in your face. These tiny pests seem to appear out of nowhere. So what causes fruit fly infestations in homes, and what can you do about it?

Causes of Fruit Fly Infestations

Fruit flies seem to have the ability to smell rotting fruit from miles away! Many people mistakenly believe that all fruit flies are brought in on fruit from the store, but actually, they will normally come in from away once the fruit in the bowl on the counter starts to become overripe, hoping to use it to lay their eggs on. Even with your windows and doors closed, fruit flies are a tiny nuisance that will find its way in through the tiniest of crevices around doors or windows or unfortunately, through your window’s insect screen. You may also bring fruit flies into your home whenever you come in with a bag of groceries, but fresh fruit is usually not as big of a draw.

Keeping what fruit you can in the refrigerator will help prevent fruit flies. Even if your fruit starts to over-ripen or rot, the fruit flies won’t be able to smell it from inside the refrigerator. If you’ve already got fruit flies - get rid of the fruit or vegetable that caused them to come into your home! Seal the rotting produce in the garbage and take it right outside. You’ll probably need to clean your kitchen sink drains and mop heads, too, as fruit flies can live there as well. There are a number of DIY solutions you can find on the internet and each will produce a various amount of success.

Do it yourself prevention techniques will help you with a small infestation of fruit flies, but if the infestation gets out of hand you’ll need the services of a professional pest control company like American Pest Solutions to get rid of them. Not only can we rid your home of fruit flies, but American Pest Solutions offers a year-round pest control solution to keep your home free from all of the common types of pests during each season of the year. Give the Good Guys at American Pest Solutions a call if you’d like to get rid of your fruit fly infestation, or to learn more about living pest-free!