The Problems Fruit Flies Bring To Your Hartford County Home

A close up image of a fruit fly

Have you ever had a fruit fly infestation? Do you even know what a fruit fly is? If you don't, good for you. It means you haven't had to deal with the problems fruit flies bring into a home. This will be our topic of discussion today. Here are three things every Hartford County resident should know about fruit flies.

One Fly

An infestation often begins with one irritating fly. You're likely to see these flies when you're sitting in front of your computer screen or television set, not because they are attracted to light, but because the brightness of the screen allows you to see them better. If you're sensitive to insects flying around you while you're trying to work or relax, this can be a small problem.

Many Flies

It doesn't take long for one fly to turn into a swarm of flies. This is not because fruit flies mate quickly, but because they don't hatch all at once. If one fly is irritating, imagine how irritating a few dozen of them will be. While this is still a small problem, it can grow into a nightmare. When fruit flies find a breeding site in your home, they'll keep reproducing and reproducing until your home is filled with them.

The Fruit Fly Life

When fruit flies hatch inside your Hartford home, they have the potential to be far more than just annoying. Fruit flies feed on decaying organic matter and they lay their eggs in things that are rotting. This exposes them to microorganisms that can make them sick. If a fruit fly goes from your garbage to your cutting board, it can transport invisible disease-causing organisms to your food. If a fruit fly goes from a dirty drain to a dish sitting on your kitchen island, it can deposit organisms that may be added to whatever you put into that dish. Fruit flies can climb on the dishes and silverware in your strainer. They can climb on the rims of your drink cups. They can land on your food. There are many ways they can expose you to these harmful organisms. If they do, it can lead to stomach illness.
Let's take the information above and apply it to fruit fly control.

  • Early detection: You now know that fruit fly infestations can start with one or two flies. If you see a fruit fly, you must recognize it. Acting quickly can prevent more from emerging. A fruit fly is a little tan fly with red eyes. At ⅛ of an inch long, it isn't much more than a speck.
  • Breeding site removal: You now know that fruit flies appear in small numbers and then quickly become a swarm. If the source of the infestation can be found, it is possible to stop a swarm of fruit flies. Two likely locations to address are a fruit that is sitting out and your kitchen trash. Put your fruit in a ziplock bag and put it in the fridge, remove your trash, clean your trash receptacle, and use a vacuum to get rid of the flies in your home. This could stop your infestation.
  • Protect food sources: You now know that fruit flies feed on decaying organic matter. Inspect your home for any potential food sources that exist in your home. An example of this would be ketchup sitting on a dirty plate near your sink. One way to prevent fruit flies from getting this kind of food source is to put your dishes in soapy water until you're ready to wash them.

Need help?

If fruit flies are driving you crazy or making you ill, remember that American Pest Solutions is always available to assist you. While fruit flies aren't a big threat, they can be frustrating to control. But you don't have to battle them alone. Reach out to us today.