Is Green Pest Control Effective?

Green leaves with sparkling light

There has been a lot of talk about green pest control lately, making it increasingly popular. This begs the question, is green pest control effective? The answer is YES! Green pest control can be very effective if used by properly trained pest control technicians.

Green pest control focuses mainly on preventative methods that stop pests from entering a home in the first place and applications of a more natural insecticide. A very effective methodology that has sprung up the area of green pest control is Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which can also play a large part in traditional pest control as well. An IPM plan can significantly reduce the use of traditional insecticides because it focuses on reducing environmental factors that attract pests and allow them to thrive and reproduce. Once the invading pests have been identified, careful consideration is taken of the best methods to control them. In some cases, this may mean introducing natural enemies to help eliminate them. It may also include barriers, traps, baits, and minimal insecticide applications when absolutely necessary.

You may be curious to know that a large number of pest management chemical insecticides are not harmful to humans and pets. This means that products contain chemicals that are less harsh, and professional pest control experts know how much of any one insecticide can be laid down. In the case of specific products like insect growth regulators, products only affect certain pests and will not hurt other organisms. Since some insects are very beneficial at controlling other pests, it is not necessary to eliminate all exterior pests.

If green pest control is something that you are interested in for your home or business, you can contact American Pest Solutions in Western Massachusetts and Hartford County, CT. Our certified experts will determine the right balance for your building and property. They will carefully monitor the size and activity of the pest population, and if there are any natural predators present. Our main goal is to eradicate the pests from the inside, prevent pests from entering, and adapt the area around your structure to get the right balance. In addition, we are committed to the environment by using the least invasive methods and products possible to achieve the best possible outcome.

At American Pest Solutions, we like to educate the public about ways to prevent pests that are invading their homes and businesses as well. The best place to start is by sealing off all entry points that the pests are coming in through. Then make the exterior of your structure less attractive to these pests by keeping vegetation back, as well as locating nests that need to be removed or eliminated. For more information about green pest control, call us today.