Make Sure You Don't Attract Fruit Flies In Western Massachusetts

up close image of fruit flies on fruit

While there are different species of flies, one characteristic they share is how aggravating they are. They’ll continually buzz by, but that’s not all. Common types of flies can destroy trash cans, vehicles, and even buildings. Some can bite or sting you and bring about illnesses; fruit flies are included. Pest control in Western Massachusetts is needed to handle them.

It’s often assumed that fruit flies aren’t dangerous because of their constant presence. Those that believe this are misled. Learn more about these insects and what’s needed to get rid of fruit flies. American Pest Solutions can help. 

How To Tell If Fruit Flies Are In Your Home

Different species of flies are annoying, but they can also look alike. Fruit flies are distinguished in part by their small size. Most are 0.12 to 0.15 of an inch long. Akin to gnats, a few have black eyes, but most have red ones. Black shades adorn the top of their bodies, but gray tones are on the bottom. Conversely, many are yellow or brown. In any case, the thorax is tan. They have translucent wings and hairy antennae. Their larvae are wormy and white, with black mouthparts.

Open windows and doors are how fruit flies in the house or business begin. The bugs also might be brought in. It’s possible to have fruit that contains eggs and larvae and not notice. They hover around vegetables, fermented or sugary liquids, garbage cans, and trash disposals. Since water is necessary for breeding, a swarm of flies is likely to be seen by a sink, drain, or bucket. With all in mind, these insects tend to surround kitchens. When outdoors, they flutter near gardens and eating zones.

Remember these three things about fruit flies:

  1. Their peak activity seasons are summer and fall.
  2. Their lifespan is week-long, and they can drop multiple eggs.  
  3. Infestations are evident with the appearance of larvae and adult flies.

Fruit flies might not live long, but their rapid procreation keeps new cycles going.

Is It Safe To Eat Something A Fruit Fly Has Landed On?

Rotting and damp content attract fruit flies. That said, unhygienic places are where these insects congregate, for instance, sewers and dumpsters. They will inevitably pick up bacteria, microorganisms, and parasites. Your food and surfaces could be tainted after they crawl on it, giving way to food poisoning, diseases, or pathogens. It’s advisable to throw away any meal material fruit flies have landed on.

Fruit Fly Prevention Tips

The health concerns that come with a swarm of flies are too significant to take lightly. These critters won’t disperse gradually. Commercial bug spray for flies shouldn’t be used because they aren’t intended for infestations or long-term applications.

To get rid of fruit flies, you’ll have to take these steps:

  • Put food and garbage in secure containers.
  • Take out the trash regularly and disinfect the canisters.
  • Make sure dishcloths aren’t soggy and full of food.
  • See to it that garbage disposals, drains, and sinks are rinsed.
  • Inspect fruits and vegetables before buying, and refrigerate them promptly.  
  • Frequently clean kitchens, dishes, and exterior eating areas.
  • Seal gaps in window screens and foundations.  

Such tasks may not be fun to perform, but it’s worth the effort.

The Best Fly Control in Western Massachusetts

Retail bug spray for flies is expensive and noxious. If you want to get fruit flies in the house or your business out, rely on American Pest Solutions. We have safe industrial-grade home pest control treatments for both the interior and exterior. Common types of flies can be addressed with our year-round protection plan, designed by an entomologist. Call today for a free evaluation!