Problems Carpet Beetles Cause In Your Hartford Home

Carpet Beetle larvae found in a Hartford home.

If you have ever experienced a carpet beetle problem in your home, you already know how damaging they can be. If not, you may want to learn more about this little-known pest. This beetle is rather small, measuring on average at about an 1/8th of an inch. They are similar in shape to the ladybug but with a mottled colored dome-shaped back. The brown or tan striped larvae are 1/4” long and oval shaped with tapered ends, and bristly hairs on their back. While they are unlikely to cause us medical harm, they can cause a reaction when we come in contact with them.

Most of the time you will find carpet beetles in dark or secluded areas, normally staying well hidden. Aside from the skin reaction, carpet beetle larvae can cause damage to a number of household and personal items, feeding primarily on items like natural fibers in carpet, clothing, wood, fur, leather, and silk, as well as hair and feathers. Carpet beetles can reproduce quickly, with the female being able to lay 100 eggs at a time during the spring. As an adult, the carpet beetle will contaminate food sources during the egg-laying process. Carpet beetles actually prefer living outside, feeding on items like pollen and nectar, but are sometimes forced inside as they search for a sustainable food source. Like many pests, carpet beetles will take advantage of gaps and cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of our home.

To make your Hartford home less attractive to carpet beetles, seal all cracks, holes, and gaps found in the exterior of your home. It is also important to caulk around windows, doors and replace damaged window screens. It is also important to vacuum and dust regularly and make sure to store food and pantry items in air-tight plastic containers to limit access. Storing products with natural fibers in pest-proof containers can also help protect those items.

As with most pests, especially ones that can damage your home and contaminate your food, you should get assistance from a professional pest control company like American Pest Solutions in Hartford. Our technicians have the technology, experience, and knowledge to get the job done right, by eliminating all carpet beetles and many other pests from your home. We can offer homeowners an effective, and affordable year-round service to control invading pests. Give American Pest Solutions a call today and find out how the Good Guys can do for you.