Tips For Avoiding Common Fall Pests

Stink bug near Springfield home.

Springfield residents have come to enjoy the four different seasons of the year and the changes they bring with them. Unlike residents in the South, we get to experience all the joys of fall such as the beautiful colors, warm cider, and a chill in the air. One thing that we don’t necessarily love is the different pests problems that arise in each season. We often feel that we just finally dealt with one pest problem (like summer mosquitoes) and a new one appears.

Common pests that follow the fall season into our homes are ladybugs, box elder bugs, stink bugs, and cluster flies. These pests enter your home’s walls, attics, and crawl spaces in search of a warm place to cozy up for the winter months.

Ladybugs are easily identifiable by their red color and black dots. It’s safe to say that they are one of the most “loved” pests. They don’t pose any danger to your home or your family, however, they can be a nuisance and problematic to get rid of. Ladybugs are able to attract other ladybugs to where they are, so if one enters your home it won’t be long until there are more.

Box elder bugs are black with red lines along their sides, have red-colored wings, and are about a 1/2 of an inch in length. If they invade your home in large numbers, their feces can leave stains on your walls and upholstery.

Stink bugs are brown, less than one inch long, and have a triangular-shaped shield on their backs. They are appropriately named because they have tiny glands that are capable of emitting a smelly odor. They are harmless but their smell can make you very motivated to get them out of your home.

Cluster flies look like a large housefly at first glance. However, instead of a metallic color, they have very distinct stripes along their head with a touch of gold coloring. Cluster flies aren’t dangerous as they don’t bite and they don’t lay their eggs on our food. But this doesn’t mean we should welcome them into our homes with open arms either.

You probably decided after reading this that you do not want to be dealing with these annoying pests entering your home this fall. A few prevention tips include; making sure all screens are properly installed and repair any holes or snags; fill in gaps around entry points, window frames, etc. with caulk; and keep your home tidy by properly storing food away and taking care of any garbage. While these prevention tips may help, it is also important to contact American Pest Solutions to ensure that your home is protected.

American Pest Solutions is a fourth-generation family-owned company whose aim is to protect Springfield homes and families from pests. As a part of American Pest’s year-round pest control service, one of their state certified and licensed technicians will come to your home to help prevent or treat any infestations. Included in this year-round program is 4 yearly visits, each one in preparation for the upcoming changing of the season. This takes the pressure off of you so you can enjoy only the good things about each new season. Call the Good Guys at American Pest Solutions today!