The Best Way To Handle A Carpet Beetle Infestation In Western Massachusetts

Carpet Beetle

Most people avoid walking on bugs unless they have shoes on. Unfortunately, avoiding this is nearly impossible when your home has a carpet beetle infestation. These pests are a huge problem here in Western Massachusetts, and finding an infestation inside your home should be a cause for concern. The question is, what is the best way to handle these insects? Here is what we recommend for carpet beetle pest control in Western Massachusetts and how to remove factors that attract these pests. Reach out to American Pest Solutions for more information about our services. Let us help you find an effective option to remove carpet beetles in Western Massachusetts

What Is Causing These Carpet Beetles To Come Inside My House?

Carpet beetles might enter your home for a number of reasons. These pests often get into buildings by crawling through gaps, cracks, or other exterior entry points. They are most likely to get into your home during times of inclement weather or if food outside is scarce. Another way these pests get into homes is by hiding their eggs in food sources such as furs, carpets, and woolen fabrics. If you buy second-hand items that are infested with these pests, you could unintentionally carry an infestation into your home. We will talk more in a bit about some prevention tips to help you avoid this.

The Damage Carpet Beetles Can Cause To Your Belongings

Before we talk about how to get rid of carpet beetles, we think it is important that you know why these pests are a problem. Let's start with the damage they cause. An adult carpet beetle will cause little to no problems inside your home. It is their larvae that cause the majority of damage to animal products such as silk, leather, wool, fur, hair brushes, pet hair, and feathers. If you have clothing, carpets, rugs, or drapery made of these materials, expect carpet beetle larvae to take a bite. Surface etching and holes are two of the most common types of damage caused by these tiny pests. To avoid this damage, get our team involved to eliminate an infestation inside your home.

How To Remove Factors That Attract Carpet Beetles

If you do not like the idea of finding carpet beetles in your house, you should take some time today to implement simple prevention tips. Here are some methods we recommend to address factors that attract these pests.

  • Keep your clothing clean and store it in a secure location.
  • Wash your carpets regularly and address food and drink spills when they occur.
  • Consider storing furs, wool, silk, and other similar materials inside air-tight containers.
  • Check carpets, clothing, drapes, and furniture regularly for live carpet beetles, and call a professional if you notice a problem.

Talk to our team at American Pest Solutions if you need more information about our services to get rid of carpet beetles fast.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Carpet Beetles In My House?

Whether you see dozens of carpet beetles on your mattress or just one of these pests hiding in your carpet, the best way to remove these insects from your home is with professional services. At American Pest Solutions, we offer helpful and fast-working treatments. Let us show you the great benefits of professional pest control and help you keep carpet beetles and other invasive insects out of your home year-round with one of our general pest control plans.

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