Spiders On The Move

A spider in the dark making webs

Have you been seeing more spiders around your Hartford home lately? It isn’t fun to wake up in the morning and notice a spider overhead. It’s especially frightening to walk directly into a spider web. I think most of America would agree that spiders, no matter how small, are scary-looking creatures. Their many legs combined with the way they creepily move along floors and walls make them extremely unappealing. Have you ever wondered exactly why you see so many spiders in your home in the fall? It’s no coincidence that as soon as fall arrives, these spiders are seemingly everywhere. Spiders are moving into structures to find shelter for the winter months. Their goal is to find a warm, secure place to build their webs and find food. They will usually build their webs in corners, closets, and under furniture. To them, your house is like a vacation resort!

Spiders are not only opportunistic pests, but they are pretty small meaning they will find the tiniest entrances to hide. To help prevent the influx of spiders in the fall you can keep bushes and trees trimmed away from the exterior of your home and you can seal any holes or cracks around doors, windows, and in the foundation. The best way to protect your home from the nuisance of spiders is by calling American Pest Solutions. A certified technician will survey your home and identify where any preventative measures should be taken. 

American Pest Solutions offers a year-round pest control plan that is aimed to prevent and/or treat any current spider infestations, or any other pests for that matter, in your home. When you sign up for one of our residential plans you can rest assured knowing that your home and family will be protected from several pests that would love to move in with you. Call the Good Guys at American Pest Solutions to learn more about our Pest Guard program. Living without spiders in your home is just a better way to live.