Most Common Wildlife Creatures Found In Hartford

A raccoon peeking, only showing its face

Hartford is the capital of Connecticut and home to many points of interest. You can visit the Mark Twain House and Museum, the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, or the 50-acre Bushnell Park among others. The city offers something for everyone, but unfortunately, Hartford also offers something that's not so great – wildlife. 

Homeowners in Hartford experience problems with common wildlife including raccoons, squirrels, and skunks.


Raccoons are mischievous and curious nocturnal creatures. They have large eyes that are capable of seeing in low-light conditions. You can identify them by the markings around their eyes as well as their bushy, striped tails. They will get into your trash cans and can build their dens under your porch or outbuildings, in attics and chimneys. They are omnivores and will eat animals and plants, which makes your garbage cans and yard an ideal source of food for them. If your garbage cans are tipped over on a regular basis, you probably have some raccoons living nearby.


There are several different varieties of squirrels found in Hartford. Most squirrels are between 12 and 25 inches long. They are furry mammals with big bushy tails and spend most of their life gathering nuts to eat during the winter months. They may be black, gray, brown, or red. Some have stripes, and some may have different coats depending on the season. Squirrels are a nuisance pest for homeowners, sometimes getting into homes and building their nests in attics and inside walls. They chew holes through the exterior of the home, and once inside – they are extremely noisy. Controlling squirrels is challenging and often requires assistance from professional pest control companies.


Skunks are jet black colored and have a white stripe down their back. They are shy and intelligent animals, but if they are startled or feel threatened, they will spray an awful odor that can be difficult to get out of clothing or your pet's fur. They are nocturnal and will dig holes all over your property in search of food. They'll ruin gardens and may burrow under your building, porch, or foundation. They sometimes kill chickens and eat their eggs as well.

Wildlife Prevention Tips

Preventing wildlife is no easy task, but you can take the following steps to reduce your risks for having a problem with wildlife at your Hartford home:

  • Add lights outdoors, especially around your garbage containers
  • Seal areas where pests like to nest, such as under porches, outbuildings, and under decks
  • Keep all garbage tightly sealed to avoid attracting wildlife

If you have a problem with wildlife, give the experts at American Pest Solutions a call. Our trained technicians will visit your property and identify your wildlife infestation, eliminate the pests, and help you take steps to prevent future infestations.