Squirrels! Cute Cuddly Critters Or Destructive Rodents?

Squirrels crawling inside the gutter of a roof

Have you ever watched a couple of squirrels chase each other around your yard? They scamper here and there, zig zagging with the greatest of ease, up a tree, across the fence, up another tree, then straight onto your porch roof. Have you ever seen one of these cute little guys disappear into a hole on the side of your roof line? They don't look so cute then. The fact is, although squirrels are cute and cuddly, they are also rodents, and rodents in your house are a bad thing.

In the wild, squirrels can cause damage to trees by chewing bark and eating their cones and seeds. In your home, they find other things to chew. Since they are rodents that have teeth that never stop growing, they need to constantly chew on things to keep their teeth at a manageable size. They will chew on wood, insulation, plastic, treasured items, and, worst of all, wiring. If they chew on a treasured item, you will have a damaged or ruined keepsake. If they chew on wiring, you may lose that treasured keepsake (and every other item in your home) when your house burns to the ground.

Squirrels, and other wire-chewing rodents, are nothing to fool around with. That is why we offer wildlife removal and control here at American Pest Solutions. Here's how our rodent removal services work:

  1. First, a licensed pest control professional will visit and do a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home, looking specifically for gaps, cracks, and holes where rodents, including squirrels, may be gaining access
  2. Then, any entry points that are found will be carefully sealed up using a combination of materials such as caulk, copper wire mesh, and expanding foam. If a large hole is found that we are not equipped to seal, we will let you know right away.
  3. Once holes are sealed, rodent bait stations will be installed outside your home. These are specialized and tamper-resistant bait stations.
  4. During this stage, the licensed professional will also use a scientific approach to assure the eradication of the wild animal.

Act before those pesky squirrels do too much damage to your home.

American Pest Solutions staff is here to protect your greatest investment, your home. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you throughout the process, from the first call to our office to the final inspection, to assure that your wildlife problem has been taken care of. With American Pest Solutions by your side, your wildlife problem will be a distant memory in no time.