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Why Springfield Residents Need Year-Round Pest Control

When bugs and animals get into your Springfield home, they can cause trouble. Most of the time, they're just an annoyance. They buzz around in your kitchen, crawl around in your curtains and creep around on your walls, taking every advantage to jump you out of your skin. This is enough for most people to want to invest in pest control. But pests aren't just pests. They can spread harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, pathogens, allergens and other illness-causing agents. They can sting or bite, injecting venom or organisms that can lead to serious illness—sometimes lifelong illness. They can damage valuable keepsakes or stored items that you might like to use again someday. Some pests damage the most valuable possession you own: your home. If you don't have a pest control plan, it is important that you consider one. When you do, consider getting year-round pest control. Here's why.

Stop Pests Before They Cause Trouble

The greatest benefit of year-round pest control is that it stops pests before they get into your home and cause trouble. After your initial interior treatments are done, most of the work will be done on the outside of your home all year long. This has many benefits.

  • When you stop pests before they get in, you prevent them from harming you and everyone who lives in your home. You shouldn't wait until you're being rushed to the hospital or you find out you have Lyme disease before you take action to stop pests.
  • When you stop pests outside your home, they don't get into your home and eat away at your equity. It isn't wise to wait until you find out you have termites, carpenter ants, or some other wood-destroying organism. These pests can to irreparable damage.
  • When you have a barrier around your home that keeps pests out, you pay one price for year-round protection from a long list of pests. You won't be calling a pest control company for each individual pest that gets in and causes trouble.

Make Sure You Don't Have Any Hidden Trouble

Do you know that you only notice about 10% of the pests that live in your home? This is because they hide in your walls and feed on foods that aren't inside your pantry or kitchen. Most go in and out of your home to get food or water rather than rely on your generosity. When you have year-round pest control service, those hidden pests are eliminated as they enter and exit your home.

Many of the pests that you don't see can cause harm, even though you don't see them. They can spread invisible bacteria to your dishes, silverware, cutting board, and other food-preparation surfaces. They can bite you once, introduce disease, and never bite you again. They can chomp on a valuable keepsake in your attic and you won't know it until you go to take that keepsake out and enjoy it. They can chew holes in your home and allow rainwater to get in and cause mold and wood rot. The list goes on and on. Year-round pest control prevents hidden trouble all year long.

In Every Season

In the spring, your pest control service will work to prevent insects from building nests in your yard, resist spider activity, and let a wide range of pests know that your yard is not a great place to be.

In the summer, your pest control service will manage the ongoing assault on your home, making sure those pests don't get in.

In the fall and winter, your pest control service will help to prevent overwintering pests from getting in. This is super important because some pests stay in once they get in. 

Proactive Not Reactive

You don't have to wait till you're suffering from the impact of a pest problem. Year-round pest control is proactive. It stops pests before they can get in and cause harm. And, if you have any trouble with pests during the year, we offer a prompt, 24-hour answering service to ensure a fast response. We also offer pest control for commercial properties throughout the Western Massachusetts area.

Year-round pest control is the smart, cost-effective, eco-friendly way to deal with pests "before" they get in. Reach out to American Pest Solutions and get year-round protection for your Springfield home today.

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