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Squirrels are fun. We admit it. When a squirrels gets up onto the deck and starts to cautiously explore with quick, attentive movements and big alert eyes, they're cool to watch. If a squirrel finds a nut in the yard and starts going to town on it, that is adorable. When they chase each other through the yard and up a tree, they are entertaining. Squirrels are so fun and entertaining that some of us put nuts outside for them to come in and feed on. We understand why you would want to do this, but you should know that some squirrels cause a lot of problems for New England homeowners.

Do you like your screens?

If you are like most people—and we're assuming you are—you probably like your screens to stay in good working order so they keep mosquitoes, horseflies, and other pests out. When a squirrel has a reason to be inside an area protected by screens, it won't have much trouble making a hole. Squirrels are rodents, and rodents have strong incisors that can make short work of screen material. That will have you working to patch those holes or paying out hard-earned money to get those screens replaced.

Do you care about your stored keepsakes?

Squirrels love attic spaces. For a squirrel, an attic space is the most wonderful tree hole in the world. It's big. It's warm. And there are lots of treasures to find. When they chew into stored boxes, they can damage the items inside. If you have a wedding dress that was passed down from generation to generation, a squirrel could make this the last generation for that important garment.

Do you like to sleep?

When squirrels get into an attic, they can make bumping and scraping noises at twilight and even into the night if they have offspring. That could have you losing some much-needed sleep. But this isn't the worst part about having squirrels in your attic.

Do you like cleaning up urine and feces?

Squirrels make terrible houseguests. They leave their urine and feces everywhere. This could soak your attic insulation and leave a smell that lingers long after you've cleaned and disinfected your attic space.

Do you like parasites?

When squirrels get into a home, they don't come alone. Squirrels carry ticks, lice, fleas, mites, and other parasites. This can develop into a secondary infestation. Fortunately, squirrels don't explore your entire home like a mouse or rat may. They prefer to stay in secluded locations, especially high locations, like your attic. But the parasites they bring in can transfer to mice and rats inside your home or find their way to dogs or cats in some circumstances.

Do you enjoy climbing ladders and fixing soffits, facia and rooflines?

When squirrels break into a home, they usually damage building materials. They may scratch and chew their way into the roofline trough and damage shingles. This can let water into the home and lead to mold, mildew, wood rot, and other issues. They may chew a hole through soffits and facia or push their way up into a roof-soffit intersection (RSI). They may scratch and chew a hole through an exhaust pipe gasket or the seal around some other roof penetration. It is bad news when a curious squirrel gets on a roof.

Do you like being attacked?

It is rare to be attacked by a squirrel but it happens much more than you might think. Squirrels are wild animals. If something sets them off, they can attack. Most of the time this happens when a squirrel is trapped or protecting young. If you go into an attic space and find a squirrel, it is wise to leave immediately and call a wildlife control professional.

If you need assistance removing a squirrel from your New England home, or effective exclusion services to prevent squirrels from getting in, reach out to American Pest Solutions. Our wildlife control specialists are highly trained and equipped to handle squirrels and other nuisance wildlife. When wildlife gets in, they bring many problems with them. Let American Pest Solutions help you make sure your home is pest-free.

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