How To Cockroach-Proof Your New England Home For The Spring

April 10, 2019

a young cockroach of a family of cockroaches spreading across the kitchen floor of a new england home

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Why Do Cockroaches Invade Homes During Spring?

No matter how clean your home is, it can still be infested with cockroaches. Many homeowners falsely believe that only old or dirty homes are targeted by cockroaches, and while it is true that a more cluttered home has more potential to provide better hiding places for cockroaches, simply having a clutter-free home will not eliminate the possibility of a cockroach invasion. Cockroaches typically invade to find food, warmth, moisture, and shelter. However, since it’s warmer weather, the two big reasons roaches get into homes is for food and moisture. As the weather warms up for the summer, cockroaches are desperate to find a dark and moist area to feed and reproduce. Roaches invade New England homes by taking advantage of any crack or gap they can find in your foundation, exterior walls, garage door, or basement ventilation systems. These filthy insects seek out moisture, which means when they invade, it will usually be from a low point with a lot of dampness and high humidity.

How Are Cockroaches Getting Into My Home and How Can I Keep Them Out?

One of the many common mistakes New England homeowners make is not eliminating the items and conditions cockroaches seek out around a home. Darkness and moisture are huge attracting factors for cockroaches, meaning that thick foliage or brush right up next to the exterior walls of your home have the potential to draw more cockroaches in close to your home. Keep trees, foliage, and leaves away from your foundation to help get rid of dark, moist areas that cockroaches will take advantage of. Sealing entry points in your foundation, window screens, and door frames is also a great step to take. Additionally, keeping food off of the counters and stored away in airtight containers and sealing garbage cans will remove the food sources cockroaches may want to invade for.

Why Professional Pest Control Is Your Best Bet

Taking preventative measures is a great start, but the best way to be completely sure that cockroaches will never infest your property is by contacting the pest professionals here at American Pest Solutions to handle all your pest and roach problems. Our highly effective Pest Guard program is proven to work efficiently for your New England home. We will return to your property four times a year to ensure that cockroaches don’t return, keeping your home protected year round. Contact American Pest Solutions today and get the pest protection you deserve!

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