Are Clover Mites Dangerous To New England Residents?

clove mite in the ground

What Are These Tiny Red Bugs I See?

Whether you’re out for a walk, sitting on your deck, or even lounging near a window with a good book—you may have started noticing tiny red bugs crawling across the pavement, wood, or window as the seasons begin to change. These tiny bugs are actually part of the arachnid family but are not spiders. You may have noticed a few of them crawling around, but chances are there were many more you did not notice. We call these arachnids clover mites, and they can become a huge problem if they are not noticed and treated right away. Even though one clover mite is only about 0.85 mm in size and might not cause much of a problem on its own, when you multiply just one by several thousand, they become much more of an issue.

Do Clover Mites Cause Any Problems?

While clover mites are not known to spread any diseases or pathogens to humans, the main problem they cause is staining everything from furniture to wallpaper. Clover mites typically invade during seasonal changes, after heavy rain, and during periods of high temperatures. As they search for shelter from unfavorable climates, they hide in the cracks in your foundation, gaps under doors or windows, and any crevices in your exterior walls. Once in these areas, it becomes very easy for clover mites to make their way right into your home—sometimes in large numbers. Because these minuscule reddish brown arachnids are so small, it can be incredibly hard to keep them out of your New England home, and once they’re inside, getting rid of them is an entirely new problem. You may think that the best option to take when they invade is to simply squish them as you notice them. However, you will soon realize that when they are squished, they leave nasty stains on the walls, furniture, or clothing they had been crawling across. So if you can’t squish them, what else can you do?

How We Can Help

When you need help with clover mites or any other pest problem, the certified pest control experts here at American Pest Solutions have the experience and tools you need to keep your New England home protected. The best solution to any pest invasion is a year-round pest control program like our effective Pest Guard home pest control service. Pests don’t have to ruin your furniture and livelihood with APS on your side. Contact us today if you’d like to know more about our industry-leading services, or if you’d like a free evaluation of your home!