Dangers Of Having Cockroaches In The Kitchen

An image of a Thanksgiving dinner

During this end-of-year period, we are often in the kitchen. Family may be visiting, and the joys of home-cooked food and freshly baked goodies are themselves incentive enough to get us banging the pots and pans around. Well, all our hopes and our hard work can pay off, but sometimes we're not the only ones who get excited about holiday eats. Cockroaches are all-inclusive food lovers, eating very nearly anything at all, and the increased food production around the holidays can only be a good thing for their never-ending hunger. Most people would agree that cockroaches have no place in our homes even if they did no harm, but the risks that roaches do cause are far worse than their scary appearance.

Cockroaches are go-anywhere, eat-anything creature, and their quest for food often brings them into contact with unsanitary conditions. Drains, moldy corners, or garbage are often frequented by roaches, and moving on from these places they track the grime and bacteria wherever they go. If those places that aren't messy before, a cockroach infestation will make them messy if given the chance. Cockroaches are also carriers themselves of disease-causing bacteria, and this risk alone should be enough to make them an absolutely unacceptable presence in or even around our homes.

Cockroach prevention starts where you might think, with making sure your home is clean. A house with no offer of food is a poor environment for roaches to live and multiply. Special attention should be given to drains and food prep areas, as well as out-of-the-way places such as pantry shelves and underneath the refrigerator. Every bit as important as food, you should also look to cut off sources of water, as many species of roaches dehydrate very quickly. Dripping faucets, leaking pipes or those with condensation should be addressed, and high moisture spaces should be cleaned and dehumidified if possible. Finally, as with all pests, making it difficult for cockroaches to get in and out of your house can quickly hamper their ability to thrive. Look for access points in your foundation, siding, and windows, and doors, and seal them if possible.

Cockroach infestations can be quite difficult to get rid of on your own, as roaches can hide nearly anywhere, and some species breed incredibly fast. If the aforementioned methods weren't enough to keep cockroaches away, or the roaches are already in your home and won't leave, don't panic. Calling American Pest Solutions is your next step, and it's a step that is sure to bring positive results to your situation. Our certified pest control technicians can determine exactly what steps to take to both get and keep cockroaches out of your house, and with our Pest Guard program, we are dedicated to following up at least four times a year, a step that is important with cockroaches, as re-infestation can occur. Get back to the laughter and good times in the kitchen that are part of what makes this season so special, and let American Pest Solutions handle any animal intruders. You'll love our recipe for a pest-free home.