Can Professional Pest Control Help Get Rid Of Fleas In Western Massachusetts?

Flea crawling on someone's skin.

What is something you would call a professional for? Some things we would call for include internet services, car repair, and haircuts. We do this because we are not comfortable nor qualified to take on these tasks ourselves. At American Pest Solutions, what we do handle on our own are pest problems. This is only because we are highly trained to do so. Today we are going to find out if you have what it takes to get rid of fleas and learn if professional pest control in Western Massachusetts is right for you. Call American Pest Solutions today if you already know professional services are right for you and want to make an appointment for your home.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny, flightless insects that feed on blood and use their powerful, hopping legs to get around. These small pests prefer to live and feed on furry animals like dogs, cats, deer, mice, and foxes. To get into homes, fleas either hop in on their own or ride indoors on the backs of pets and invasive wild animals. Even if you don't have pets, mice, squirrels, rats, birds, and bats all have the ability to bring an infestation into your home. Other things you should know about fleas include the health risks they pose, the reason they are so difficult to eliminate, and what methods work best to control an infestation inside your home. Here is a bit more about each of these things.

Fleas Are A Health Risk For Both People And Pets

There is no denying that fleas are one of the most annoying pests in Western Massachusetts. The question is, are they dangerous? This all depends on one thing, whether or not they pick up a harmful disease from an animal or human. Because these small parasitic pests bite, if they feed on contaminated blood, they can pick up certain harmful diseases. Common diseases spread by fleas include murine typhus, tularemia, tungiasis, and the bubonic plague. You might contract these diseases from an infected flea bite. Talk to your doctor if you start to develop strange symptoms, including fever or chills, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, rash, or body aches.

Why Won't These Fleas Go Away?

No one wants fleas jumping around inside their home. The question is, how do you get rid of fleas without threatening your family with harmful chemicals? This is a tricky question. Most DIY options to handle these biting pests are either ineffective or involve the use of pesticides that should not be used by inexperienced consumers. Something that makes flea control even more challenging is how quickly these pests hide when faced with danger. It is not uncommon to receive false hope after treating for fleas only to have an infestation reemerge. To make sure you address an infestation right the first time, you should highly consider bringing in a pest control professional.

Call The Pros To Completely Eliminate The Fleas In Your Home

If you notice signs of fleas on your pets or inside your home, do not worry. There are effective options to combat these pests both for your furry friends and your living areas. Start by talking to your veterinarian about flea control options for your pets. After this, get in touch with our team and schedule your home for treatment. We will ensure that fleas don't have anywhere to hide and that all pest control products are used properly.

Call American Pest Solutions today if you want to learn more about our flea control options or if you are ready to schedule your Western Massachusetts home for a service visit.