How To Effectively Get Rid Of Fleas In Western Massachusetts

Flea crawling on someone's skin.

Relaxing on your couch after a hard day's work can be fulfilling and rejuvenating, but fleas could be eagerly waiting for you. These pests are bold and can attack you at any time, day or night. The problems they cause don't end with itchy bites. They can also cause skin irritation and severe infections. The only way to contain them is to enlist the services of an experienced Western Massachusetts pest control company.

If you can't bear these irritants any longer or you've just noticed the early signs, contact American Pest Solutions Inc. We know the best way to get rid of fleas and will deal with them on your behalf. This guide will teach you how to identify flea infestations, the diseases they cause, and how to prevent them from infesting your home.

How To Tell If It's Fleas In Your Home

Nothing is more annoying than coming home to relax only to be invaded by biting insects. Many biting and stinging insects can invade your home, but how do you tell you are dealing with a flea infestation? Look out for the following signs:

  • Scratching and restlessness: If you find your pets scratching and restless, they could be suffering from flea bites.
  • Pet’s hair loss (alopecia): If your pets show signs of sudden hair loss, it may be because they bite or scratch the spots bitten by fleas.
  • Red skin and welts: Flea bites cause stinging sensations. Even if you have not seen the fleas, if you notice tiny reddish bumps on your skin or painful-looking welts, fleas could be the main suspects.
  • Ankle and knee flea bites: If you like walking barefoot, fleas will likely bite your knees and ankles. The bite spot will have one small puncture.
  • Pale gums: Flea suck blood, which may lead to anemia. This will show when your pets have pale gums showing low blood levels.
  • Flea dirt: Small black or red-brown specks around the home or on your pets could signify flea infestation. But you may require further inspection.
  • Flea eggs: Check your carpets for any hidden flea eggs. The eggs are white and small.

If you aren't sure the pests you are dealing with are fleas, call American Pest Solutions Inc. We will inspect your home, identify the problems, and deal with them.

The Diseases Fleas Are Known To Spread

Fleas in Western Massachusetts are dirty creatures. Their bites can lead to infection with germs and bacteria. The conditions you can develop after a flea bite include typhus, bubonic plague, tungiasis, murine typhus, tularemia, tapeworms, and other bacterial and parasitic diseases.

You can suffer skin irritation and inflammation after a flea bite if you have sensitive skin. In some people, flea bites cause allergic reactions. Severe cases of flea infestation can cause anemia because they suck blood. Their saliva causes flea dermatitis, which appears as itchy bumps or patches on the skin. This shows how dangerous fleas can be.

How Do I Prevent Fleas From Coming Back?

Once your home is treated against fleas, you can take the below steps to prevent them from returning.

  • Check second-hand items, like furniture and clothes, before allowing them into your home.
  • Wash and vacuum your carpets regularly.
  • Groom and inspect your pets' fur regularly.
  • Use gravel, not soil, for your property's perimeters.
  • Trim the greenery and mow your lawn regularly.

The above tips will work to some extent but cannot be replaced by calling an expert home pest control company. If you contact us, we'll enroll you in a program that helps protect your home against fleas and other pests.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Fleas In My House?

The best way to get rid of fleas in your house is to seek professional interventions. At American Pest Solutions Inc., we have safe commercial-grade exterior and interior treatments for fleas. Do not allow these dirty pests to cause agony to your pets and loved ones. Call us today.