Pest Spotlight: How To Handle Termites In Hartford

Mosquito biting someone's skin.

What would you do if you went outside and saw a squirrel nibbling on your deck? You would shoo it away and immediately look into methods to stop them from doing this in the future. This is the benefit of having visual problems. When problems are not visual, homeowners take much longer to take action. This is the case with the destructive insect we are talking about today. Here is what you need to know about termites in Hartford and how to identify and tackle an infestation inside your home. Contact American Pest Solutions if you have already identified a termite infestation on your property and need these pests gone ASAP. We will send a technician your way with advanced pest control in Hartford to meet your needs.

Alarming Signs You May Have Termites

There isn’t always an easy way to tell if your home has an active termite problem. These pests are tiny and almost never crawl out into areas where they might be seen by humans. Most early signs of termites are found around the home and involve things like mud tubes, damage to trees and stumps, and the presence of swarmers (winged termites). Later signs of termites involve structural damage, moisture problems, and other expensive clues that cost a lot of money to repair. Our goal at American Pest Solutions is to help you identify infestations before they cause extensive damage. To spot these pests early inside your home, schedule your property for termite inspection. This is a simple service that helps us help you identify and avoid termites.

Termites Can Destroy The Structural Integrity Of Your Home

Have you ever gone for a drive and seen a building that was practically falling apart? Chances are this building has termites. These pests love to invade older structures with lots of water-damaged wood. As long as there is cellulose to consume, termites continue to eat. This is also true for locally infested homes. The only difference between your home and the decrepit one that is falling apart is vacancy. You are living inside your home, which allows you to spot signs of termites before structural integrity is completely compromised. As long as you do not ignore these signs, you should be able to stop these pests before things far before total structural failure.

Simple Tips To Prevent Future Termite Infestations In Your Home

If you are not actively trying to get rid of termites, we highly recommend taking some time to deter these pests from your home and property. Here are a few prevention tips to start with.

  • Fill in gaps, cracks, and holes in your home’s exterior.
  • Address damage to window/door screens.
  • Repair/replace structural wood that is water-damaged or in decay.
  • Remove sticks, leaves, and other organic clutter from your property.
  • Address moisture problems inside and around your home.

For more guaranteed protection, bring in our team at American Pest Solutions to implement a long-lasting termite treatment.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Termites And Keep Them Away

We do not want termites eating through your home. To help you avoid an infestation, we recommend one of two things. Either schedule your home for an annual termite inspection to notice and handle early infestation or invest in year-round termite control to guarantee total protection. Which option you choose is entirely up to you and your budget.

Call our team today for direct information about effective termite control in Hartford, and make an appointment for your home and property.