How Are Fruit Flies Getting Into My Home?

A fruit fly on a surface area

Fruit flies are one of those pesky nuisances we think we have to deal with every time a bunch of bananas comes home from the store. They aren’t dangerous or harmful, but they are perhaps a sign that our produce isn’t in the best condition, or maybe our kitchen needs to be kept a little cleaner. Here are some of the reasons that fruit flies move into our homes during the harvest seasons and what the professionals at APS can do to eliminate your fruit fly problem for good.

Fruit flies are attracted to overripe or decaying produce, juices, and rotting meat. They also like to dwell in sink drains (a common location for decaying food), or on damp items such as sponges, mops, and dishcloths. Fruit flies lay their eggs on the surface of fruits and vegetables, so it’s best to place produce in the refrigerator as soon as it comes home from the store. (Fruit flies won’t survive in the cold environment of the refrigerator once they hatch.) Fruit flies can detect the smell of fruit seemingly from miles away and can make their way into your house through the tiniest of crevices, so even if you inspect your produce at the store and it appears to be free of these annoying insects, you may still find yourself plagued with fruit flies if you leave fruit on the counter to ripen.

Besides keeping fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, what else can you do to keep your home free from fruit flies?

  • Get rid of overripe or decaying food right away.
  • Take garbage out of the kitchen, remove it from your house, and put it into a sealed container outside.
  • Keep your kitchen sink drains clean, wash sponges and dishcloths and keep them dry, and air out mops after use.
  • Seal gaps around exterior windows or doors with caulk, and fix or replace window screens that are ripped or torn.
  • Repair any leaky faucets or pipes found in your home that can act as a water source for fruit flies.

DIY prevention techniques are a good start and will help you handle a small infestation of fruit flies, but if the infestation gets out of hand, you’ll need the services of a professional pest control company like American Pest Solutions to get rid of them for good. We offer a year-round pest control solution to keep your home free from all of the common types of pests during each season of the year. Give us a call for a free inspection!