Are The Carpet Beetles In Western Massachusetts Causing You Trouble?

Carpet beetle close up

Adult carpet beetles and carpet beetle larvae around your home can cause significant trouble regarding potential carpet beetle reactions and unending infestations of this pest. To better get rid of carpet beetles permanently, you should contact Western Massachusetts pest control at the first sign of this pest.

What Does A Carpet Beetle Look Like?

There are a few different carpet beetles that you may encounter around your Western Massachusetts home. It is essential to learn the differences between these tiny insects so your carpet beetle treatment can be all the more effective.

  • Common Carpet Beetle: Shiny black or dark brown in color, this beetle is also called the black carpet beetle and may be mistaken for a bed bug.
  • Furniture Carpet Beetle: The wings of this beetle have black spots that dot white, yellow, or dark orange areas on its wings.
  • Varied Carpet Beetle: The wings of this beetle are a mixture of white, brown, and dark yellow colors that turn more uniformly brown with age.

How To Tell If There Is Carpet Beetle Larvae In Your Home

One of the leading carpet beetle causes is if this pest finds food for itself and its larvae in your home.  This insect feeds on animal products such as skin, silk, wool, and hair. An easy food source for carpet beetles will result in larvae being laid around your homeland a full-blown infestation that has every life stage of carpet beetle present will ensue. 

Carpet beetle larvae appear vaguely carrot or oval-shaped with distinctive coarse hairs on their body (these hairs may trigger allergies in some individuals). They are tiny and don’t grow more than 4 to 5 mm in length; they range in color from brown and black to tan and have white, yellow, or tan stripes depending on the exact species. 

You can find carpet beetle larvae hiding in the fabrics of your home as they feed. This feeding can result in significant damage to furniture, upholstery, carpets, stored fabrics or clothing, and more.

Signs Of A Carpet Beetle Infestation

If you suspect a carpet beetle infestation is taking place in your home, but you aren’t quite sure, look out for these certain signs that this pest is invading:

  • The carpet beetles and their larvae cause thin or bare areas on rugs, carpeting, or wool as they feed.
  • Damage to stored clothing, fabrics, blankets, or jackets made from animal products (such as leather or wool).
  • Shed larvae skins around your home appear light brown and accumulate in popular larvae feeding areas.
  • Adult beetles climbing on windows, light-colored walls, or doors in an attempt to get outside (this happens in spring, as the beetles need to mate then).

Tips And Tricks To Total Carpet Beetle Removal

You can follow several tips to help deter carpet beetles and reduce the scale of an infestation in your home, such as vacuuming regularly, cleaning up dusty or cluttered areas, and ensuring window and door screens are unbroken. The best way to deal with a carpet beetle infestation is to reach out to our professionals at American Pest Solutions.

With expert help, you can benefit from complete home inspections and customized carpet beetle treatment solutions that eradicate this pest from your home. Contact American Pest Solutions today for more information.