Stay Ahead Of The Bed Bug Infestation Brewing In Western Massachusetts

Bed bug biting skin

Bed bug control is essential for your property if you want to avoid an infestation of this pest. Western Massachusetts pest control can help you learn how to get rid of bed bugs and implement professional bed bug control techniques.

Early Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs 

Knowing how to check for bed bugs is necessary to catch an infestation of this pest before it becomes widespread and completely overruns your home. Review these early warning signs of bed bugs and contact American Pest Solutions if you recognize any of these indicators:

  • Reddish or rust-colored staining will appear on your walls, carpet, furniture, or beds and sheets.
  • A musty odor may be present in your home, especially in sleeping quarters where more bed bugs are likely to be hiding out.
  • Individuals in your home may develop itchy bites on limbs exposed while sleeping, typically in a zig-zag pattern.
  • You may see bed bug bodies in the cracks of walls, along furniture seams, or in the corners of mattresses. These will be very small and dark brown in color.

What A Bed Bug Infestation Is Like 

Often, Western Massachusetts homeowners will not notice a bed bug infestation starting in their home. This is due to the small size of this pest and its skill in infiltrating a home. The bed bugs will hitchhike from an infected area (such as an infested hotel room or public transportation) via your clothes and baggage into your home, where they start to hide, and an infestation begins.

Over time, the bed bugs will multiply, and you will start to see reddish staining on sheets, receive itchy bites on your arms and legs overnight, and see bed bug bodies, their shells, or bed bug nymphs hiding around your home. This type of widespread infestation can lead to a risk of infection on the bites as you itch them and may cause extreme stress, anxiety, and insomnia as the bed bugs run rampant in your home.

How To Stop Bed Bugs From Coming Back

If you want to stop bed bugs from coming back once you’ve eliminated this pest, you can follow some of these tips to prevent them from traveling into your home:

  • When traveling, always elevate your luggage and consider vacuum-sealing your clothing. This helps to keep bed bugs out.
  • Always wash your clothing in hot water when returning from travel or extended time spent in airports or on public transportation. The water temperature will kill unwanted hitchhikers.
  • Check any accommodation area or office you are in for the warning signs of bed bugs discussed above.
  • Always leave second-hand items outside overnight on a white sheet. Check for bed bug bodies or staining in the morning to determine if the item is safe to use.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Home Permanently?

Only pest control to kill bed bugs can help you permanently eliminate this pest due to its prolific nature and ability to hide. Our experts at American Pest Solutions can provide you with the local pest control for bed bugs you need that effectively and safely eradicates all traces of a bed bug infestation in your home. With their help, you can be sure that bed bugs won’t bother you anymore, and rest easy knowing you’re safe from the bites of this troublesome pest.