Do Raccoons In Avon Hibernate?

Raccoon eating an apple in Avon, Massachusetts.

Raccoons are curious creatures that look cuddly from a distance but are dangerous pests if they get into your Avon home. During these winter months, many pests, including raccoons, lay low in warm sheltered locations where they can wait for spring to return. During this time of year, raccoons exhibit a behavior that is similar to the act of hibernation. Raccoons will store up body fat throughout the year, then hide in their dens for long stretches of time during the colder months. This “semi-hibernation” is called torpor. While torpor is not technically the same as hibernation, both behaviors include long stretches of sleep.

Do Raccoons “Hibernate” In Groups?

While raccoons are typically solitary pests that prefer to live on their own, they will bed down in groups during the winter. This behavior helps raccoons keep warm, along with the body fat they stored up throughout the rest of the year. These long social stretches of sleep are broken periodically when the raccoons wake up to search for food. A group of raccoons is aptly called a nursery.

Why Raccoon Infestations Are A Problem

It’s important to remember that raccoons are not the cute cuddly creatures they can appear to be. Raccoons have incredible dexterity that allows them to open jars, doors, garbage cans, and latches. This means raccoons can be incredibly destructive when they invade Avon properties. Raccoon infestations can lead to damaged wiring, shredded insulation, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Interesting Raccoon Facts

Raccoons communicate with each other through a wide variety of body language and vocal sounds. These intelligent creatures use over 200 different sounds and 12 to 15 different calls to express their affection, enforce their boundaries, and display territorial behavior. Another interesting fact about raccoons is that they like to wash their food in water before eating it, which is a puzzling habit that isn’t shown in other mammals.

Why You Need Professional Raccoon Removal

Although there are many facts about raccoons that make them fascinating creatures, they are still dangerous animals that may bite or scratch if you come too close. In addition, raccoons can spread harmful bacteria and diseases, such as canine distemper, rabies, and pseudorabies. If raccoons have decided to spend the winter on your Avon property, it’s best to contact a licensed pest control provider immediately. American Pest Solutions has everything you need to keep a wide range of pests away from your home. For assistance with your pest control problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to the pest technicians here at American Pest Solutions. If you have a pest problem, we have an answer.