Preparing Your Springfield Yard For The Return Of Dangerous Mosquitoes

a mosquito biting human skin

Don’t let your Springfield spring field (or yard) be ruined by mosquitoes this year! Mosquitoes are about to appear in full-force. They can invade your yard and home and leave your family scratching bites through the summer. The good news is Springfield residents can reach out to American Pest Solutions for long-term mosquito prevention and elimination. Find out what mosquito control looks like for your home.

Mosquito Presence In Springfield

Mosquito season is typically defined as April to October. During these months, you’ll see the most mosquito activity and might receive the most bites. And even if you don’t see mosquitoes yet, now is a good time to take action against these pests.
Why are mosquitoes common in Massachusetts? The northeast is a beautiful area with plenty of nature and water sources. Unfortunately, these can contribute to large mosquito populations. Mosquitoes need water to breed, and they nest in areas with dense foliage. Therefore, there are plenty of places in and around Springfield for them to live.

Mosquito Dangers

When it comes to mosquitoes, how much should you worry? We’ll start with the least of your problems. Mosquitoes are annoying. If you’ve ever tried to organize an outdoor event during mosquito season, then you know how frustrating they can be for you and your guests. They make noise, they bite, and they seem to be everywhere.
Mosquito bites usually result in raised red bumps that can itch for days or even weeks. For some people, though, a mosquito bite can be much more serious. Some people are allergic to mosquitoes, so a bite could result in swollen limbs, rashes, fever, or difficulty breathing. If you experience these symptoms, seek medical care.
Mosquitoes are also known to transmit dangerous diseases including malaria, yellow fever, and Zika. Though less common in the United States than in some countries, these diseases are still possible and result in fevers, rashes, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Prevention Tips For Mosquitos

Mosquitoes don’t travel far over their lifetime. This means that if your yard is overrun by mosquitoes, they probably were born nearby. In order to breed, mosquitoes need a source of standing water. Don’t let them find water in your yard! Check for birdbaths, fountains, ponds, buckets, or even toys, slides, or swings collecting rainwater. Empty these or clean them frequently to avoid giving mosquitoes a nesting ground.
The next step in mosquito prevention is to make it difficult for them to hide. Mosquitoes hide in areas with thick vegetation such as bushes, tall grass, or dense trees. Trim these plants often to limit mosquito hiding places.
To back up your landscaping efforts, call American Pest Solutions to treat your yard with our Mosquito Guard Program. This treatment targets breeding sites and resting areas to clear your yard of mosquitoes. we can come for a one-time treatment or we can conduct seasonal visits to keep mosquitoes off the property all season long.
No matter what your goal is for mosquito prevention, American Pest Solutions has a plan. We’ll inspect your home to make sure our treatment works for your unique situation, and we’ll find a way to deliver long-lasting results. Mosquitoes are about to become much more active. Prepare your home and protect your family by calling us for mosquito treatment you can count on. We are here to help.