Trick To Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Manchester Home

a cockroach infestation in a kitchen

Cockroaches can appear for seemingly no reason in your Manchester home. Even the smallest crumbs can bring them running. And once cockroaches find food and shelter in your home, they’ll multiply quickly. You may only see one or two cockroaches, but chances are there are many, many more hiding just out of sight, inside your walls.
How can you keep this from happening? Though it’s difficult to entirely cockroach-proof your home, we’ve gathered some tips for making your home less appealing and less accessible for roaches. Find out how to keep your home protected.

Basic Information About Cockroaches

Connecticut, like most of the United States, is home to several species of cockroaches. The most common species found in homes are American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Asian cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches. All of these roaches are nocturnal and attracted to decaying matter. They don’t fly much (and some don't fly at all) but some have wings and can glide from the walls and ceiling. All roaches are fast and good at hiding.

Cockroaches are dangerous pests because they carry diseases and bacteria. Because they are attracted to decaying matter, they spend time in or on garbage, fecal materials, and rotting food. They can pick up bacteria from these locations and carry them into your home. Cockroaches also shed, and their shed skin and fecal matter can cause allergic reactions for some people. They may also exacerbate asthma symptoms.

How To Stop Attracting Cockroaches

What attracts cockroaches? Food, water, and shelter. Here’s how to make sure that you aren’t unwittingly inviting cockroaches into your Manchester home.

  • Clean! Take extra care to clean under appliances. Take the time in the evening to mop any spills, wash the dishes, and clean out the sink.
  • Don’t leave food out overnight. Even ripe fruit and dog food can attract cockroaches, so make sure you aren’t giving them a feast by leaving food uncovered overnight.
  • Properly store garbage. Keep garbage in an airtight container, especially organic trash. This goes for outdoor garbage as well. If cockroaches are attracted to your yard, it won’t take much for them to get inside, too.
  • Limit the moisture in your home. Cockroaches often hang out in bathrooms, under sinks, and in basements where there is moisture. Use a dehumidifier to lower the moisture in the air, and fix water leaks and water buildup quickly.
  • Clean storage areas. If you have a well-organized basement, closet, and garage, cockroaches will have fewer hiding places. The more mess, the more opportunities for cockroaches to hide, mate, and breed.

Other Tips For Cockroach Prevention

Once you’ve made sure that you aren’t attracting cockroaches, protect your house even further by making sure there are no entry points for them to squeeze through. Check the exterior of your home for holes and cracks that might be letting cockroaches get inside.

Make sure you have screens on your doors and windows as well as covers over the chimney and vents. Then check these screens for tears and holes.

Ultimately, there’s no way to guarantee that your home is protected from cockroaches. If you’re worried about cockroaches getting in, or if you already have a cockroach infestation, call American Pest Solutions.

Our cockroach prevention techniques are designed with your home in mind. We help you put into practice these prevention tips. We’ll inspect your home for attracting factors and entry points, and we’ll work with you to come up with a solution.

We can also treat your home for existing cockroaches with treatments that are safe for your family and more effective than any do-it-yourself approach. Take control of your home this year, and don’t let cockroaches get inside.