What’s Attracting Mosquitoes To My New England Home?

mosquito biting skin

As the warm weather begins to arrive in New England, with it comes some of the pesky bugs we don’t have to deal with in the winter. At the top of that list of pests are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes thrive in summer heat and are just looking for the perfect yard to settle in. Avoid common mistakes that attract mosquitoes to your home so you can enjoy your yard this summer. Take it one step further and consider professional mosquito service so you and your family can have peace of mind as you go about your spring and summer activities.

Factors that Attract Mosquitoes

Water is the number one factor that attracts mosquitoes to your property. Adults need moisture to survive. More importantly, they lay their eggs near water and mosquito eggs and nymphs can only hatch and mature if water is present, emerging from the water full grown. If you remove or reduce standing water on your property, you can greatly reduce mosquito populations.

Unfortunately, you can only control your own property. If your neighbors have pools, water features, ponds, or other standing water, or you live close to natural water such as wetlands or streams, mosquitoes can still fly into your yard.

Additionally, mosquitoes need a place to rest, especially during the mid-day heat. They look for long grasses, brush, the undersides of leaves, mulch, and landscaping to beat the heat. If you or the people in your neighborhood don’t keep grass trimmed short and landscaping pruned and dry, this can attract mosquitoes.

Professional Pest Control for Mosquitoes

At American Pest Solutions, we can protect your property with Mosquito Guard. Every three to four weeks during prime mosquito season, typically April through October in New England, we visit your property for treatment. We focus on areas where mosquitoes like to hide such as around the perimeter of your property, around landscaping, pools, and structures such as play sets or sheds. Our treatment is safe for your family and pets and is environmentally responsible. If you have a special event, we can do a one-time treatment to help keep mosquito activity to a minimum. Contact us today to get started reducing the risk of diseases and itchy welts from the bites of pesky mosquitoes this spring and summer.