How To Prepare Your New England Home Against Wasps This Spring

a swarming wasp nesting on its hive on a new england property

There is nothing that can put summer fun to a halt faster than a painful wasp sting. As the warmer weather arrives so do the stinging insects. They begin looking for places to build their nests and get started reproducing and expanding their colonies. To prevent those painful stings, you’ll want to keep the number of wasps on your property to a minimum. The best way to do this is to ensure that they are not setting up their nests on your property. While you can take some steps to prevent them, professional pest control is the most effective and safest option.

Problems Wasps Bring

As spring and summer draw near, wasps will begin to emerge and immediately start searching for food and a nesting site. They like to construct their nests in semi-protected areas such as under eaves, under railings on a deck, hanging from play structures, on the undersides of porches or mailboxes, even under your patio furniture. They are protective of their nests and while not overly aggressive, they will sting if they feel threatened. The most common type of sting from a wasp is accidental, either from stepping on one, sitting on furniture that they are nesting under, or accidentally grabbing a railing where they are hiding.
While most people suffer only a little pain and perhaps a little swelling at the sight of the sting, some people can have a severe reaction. Someone with an allergy to stings may have an anaphylactic reaction. Even someone who’s never had a reaction in the past from a sting can develop a bad reaction suddenly or suffer a reaction if stung from multiple wasps at once. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a professional remove nests and have a protection plan in place.

Wasp Prevention Steps

Wasps are attracted to flowers that they can pollinate. If you have many flowers and planters around your yard and deck area, you will likely attract wasps and other stinging insects. They are also attracted to bright colors and patterns like florals and sweet scents. Perfumes, summer beverages, lotions, and bright clothing might make you a target for wasps.

Even if you avoid all these things, you might still have wasps that establish a nest on your property. At American Pest Solutions we will inspect your property as part of our service to ensure that there are no wasp nests being formed around your home. If we do encounter a nest, we will carefully and expertly remove it to avoid aggravating the wasps and reducing the likelihood of stings. Contact us today if you have a wasp problem, or want to prevent one, around your New England-area home.