Problems Fruit Flies Bring To New England Homes

Fruit fly eating fruit.

A long time ago, it was believed that flies were a product of spontaneous generation, where flies appeared out of thin air. Francesco Redi disproved this theory in the 1660s, proving that the flies needed to first land on organic materials before reproduction could occur. Amazingly, even after all this time, we as homeowners are still baffled at how fruit flies magically seem to appear out of thin air. We know the facts now, but there are still questions. How are they getting in? and what kind of problems are they bringing with them?

How Are They Getting In?

Fruit flies have an innate sense for rotting fruit. This being said, a fruit fly can feed on and reproduce on pretty much anything that's rotten or going bad, as long as it is organic material. Although fruit flies can be carried into your home atop fresh fruits and other produce, more often than not, they will find their way into your home from beyond your walls once that same food starts to go bad. The best way to fight them is to remove attractants from within your home, which are inviting them in, in the first place. Consider seeking out and removing any possible fruit fly-breeding grounds such as organic matter left on the counter. If you plan on using these foods, such as steak, apples, bananas, etc. Consider storing them in airtight containers, or inside the fridge or freezer.

What Kind of Problems Are They Bringing With Them?

If you have ever dealt with fruit flies, you are aware of how much of a nuisance they can be, crawling on your food, buzzing around your head, resting on your screens as if to mock you. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only problem fruit flies bring when they invade our homes. Fruit flies have been known to contaminate food with bacteria and other pathogens, which could mean unwanted sickness for you and your family.

How Can a Professional Help?

If fruit flies have invaded your home this fall, consider American Pest Solutions as your go-to solution. Our year-round pest prevention plans are designed to not only deal with fruit flies, but any other pest that may try to invade your home this fall, winter, spring, or summer. Getting rid of fruit flies can be a challenging task to take on alone, but with American Pest Solutions it can be as easy as one phone call. Contact us today to see how we can help!