Why Cockroaches Invade New England Kitchens In The Fall

A cockroach on the corner of a wood

There is probably no pest that evokes greater feelings of disgust than the cockroach. Everything about them screams nasty, creepy, and dirty! After all, cockroaches live in trash, sewers, drains, manure, and every other filthy place you can imagine. Unfortunately, in the fall, cockroaches often invade New England kitchens, bringing with them bacteria and diseases. It’s important to get professional help immediately if you see cockroaches in your home.

What Pushes Cockroaches Inside During Fall Months? 

What pushes cockroaches inside in the fall is exactly what you think - they are in search of warmth and food. During colder months of the year, food becomes more scarce outside as other nuisance pests die off, so roaches seek food sources where they are plentiful, which may mean inside your home. Cockroaches also prefer warm, humid conditions, so they will look for cozy cracks and crevices in your home in which to hide during the day, and scurry around eating your food at night.

What Dangers and Risks to Cockroaches Bring to Your Kitchen?

Everywhere that cockroaches scurry about, they pick up bacteria and viruses. This is primarily because the places where they scavenge for food and live are full of bacteria. As they come into your kitchen, cockroaches bring all that bacteria with them. Everywhere they move they leave traces of bacteria behind - across your countertops, in your pantry, on your kitchen table or island, and inside any unsealed food containers. Cockroaches contaminate your food and cause expensive food waste. They may also transmit Salmonella and other intestinal bugs to you and your family.

When Should You Call the Professionals?

The only answer to the question “When should you call the professionals?”, is immediately! Cockroaches are not a pest to mess around with or to waste time treating with DIY pest control methods. Home treatments often only exacerbate the problem as roaches scurry and hide, spreading their filth as they try to avoid your methods of removal. American Pest Solutions employs experts in cockroach elimination in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. At the first sign of a single cockroach -or even before you see one, as a prevention method - give us a call! We will work with you to create an effective cockroach prevention and elimination plan for your home. We will treat and eliminate your cockroach infestation, and offer suggestions and tips for preventing infestations in the future.