Why Ticks Are Still A Threat To New England Residents And Pets

A tick crawling on skin

Ticks often remain a threat to New England residents and pets well into the fall season. They are hardy pests that can continue living even in cold temperatures if they have a warm host to which they attach themselves. Ticks also live on rodents, who frequently make their way indoors in the fall, bringing ticks with them. Ticks carry many diseases, some of them life-threatening. It’s important to stay vigilant and perform tick checks on your family and pets any time you've been outdoors throughout the fall season.

Active Ticks in Fall

Ticks will continue to remain active until temperatures drop below freezing. In New England, we know this can mean anywhere from mid-October through mid-December, depending on the year. This means that there may be a few more weeks ahead of us when ticks are still active, causing a nuisance to us and our pets.

Dangers Ticks Pose

Tick bites can range from essentially harmless to life-threatening. Some tick bites may cause slight itching or leave a red mark and nothing more. Other tick bites may transmit diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. The problem is, we have no idea by looking at a tick whether or not it is carrying a tick-borne illness. Therefore, it’s best to prevent tick bites altogether whenever possible.

How Ticks Get Inside Your Home

Ticks gain entry to Massachusetts and Connecticut homes in a variety of ways. The most common way is to simply travel inside by attaching to pets, people, or rodents. They can also be carried indoors in firewood or plants.

When to Call a Professional

Because ticks can be a problem throughout most of the year, it is appropriate to contact a professional as soon as you see ticks on your property, or when you simply want to take preventative measures, American Pest Solutions can help. We provide year-round pest control that helps limit exposure to ticks. During warm months this means spraying and treating your property to reduce ticks. In the fall we employ exclusion techniques to keep other rodents and pests out that may be carrying ticks on their bodies. Securing a year-round pest control plan from American Pest Solutions is the best option to help keep your family safe from the dangers of tick-borne illness no matter the time of year!