Keeping The Spiders Out This Fall

A close up image of a spider

As soon as the first signs of fall show up it seems like the spiders multiply! You might think they just want to add a special touch to your fall décor, but that’s not really the case. Spiders are cold-blooded, so they could survive outside all winter, hunkering down under rocks and in the cracks of your foundation – and some do. Others seem to prefer to come indoors. But it’s probably not for the reasons you think. Read on for reasons spiders will come inside this fall and how to keep them out.

Weather Changes, Spiders Invade

Yes, as the weather cools, more spiders appear inside your home. There are two main reasons for this. One reason is that fall naturally coincides with spiders' reproductive cycle. As they look for mates in the fall, they become more active and you see them more. The second reason is that spiders rely on other pests as their food source. As pests die off outdoors, food becomes more scarce and, as many nuisance pests retreat indoors, spiders follow. So, while spiders do increase in your home in the fall, it’s not to get warm or seek a cozy place to overwinter; it’s to find food and a mate.

Prevention Steps for Homeowners

Around the Springfield area, it’s important for homeowners to take steps to prevent spiders from coming indoors during the fall season. One of the best ways to do this is to be diligent about keeping the exterior of your home spider-free. Routinely inspect around your home and knock down webs, keep tree branches from overhanging your roof, and keep vegetation neatly trimmed. Look for cracks, holes, loose caulking, broken shingles, and any other small spaces that could allow easy entry for spiders and other pests. Keep your home free of temptations for other pests, like exposed trash and food, that may, in turn, attract spiders.

Professional Help to Handle Your Spider Problem

In Massachusetts and Connecticut, your best defense against spiders is American Pest Solutions. We have experience and extensive knowledge in spider exclusion techniques and removal. Having a year-round pest control program in place ensures that the number of pests you have on your property is reduced, thus minimizing the number of spiders on your property and keeping them out of your home. There is no “better” time to call a pest professional, so grab your phone and give us a call today. We want to help you keep your home pest-free this fall and throughout the year!