Why You Should Avoid Paper Wasp Nests

paper wasps up close

The time of year is here again when creatures great and small are enjoying the warmer weather that the spring season brings. The birds are chirping in the morning, squirrels are racing through the backyard, people are walking their dogs after dinner, and stinging insects have emerged and are creating nesting sites. Everybody is out and about from their period of winter inactivity, mingling together. While mingling and socializing is usually a good thing, it can sometimes become dangerous. In this case, the danger is because the spring season is the time of year when homeowners are going to be discovering wasp nests on their property; a wasp nest that while eco-beneficial could become a danger to you, your family, and your pets if placed in or around your home in high traffic areas. At American Pest Solutions we want to provide you with the information needed to protect yourself and family from being stung by these potentially dangerous insects.

In our area one of the most common species of wasps found nesting on properties is the paper wasp. Paper wasps are social, stinging insects that create a very distinctive open-comb nest from a mixture of wood and plant fibers and their saliva. Paper wasps, like many other species of wasps, have a pinched waist and long thin legs that dangle beneath their body when in flight. Adult paper wasps grow to between 1/2 and an inch in length. Their bodies are black or brown in color and can have yellow or orange markings, or markings that are a combination of both yellow and orange. Their umbrella-shaped nests are commonly built hanging on trees, shrubs, fences, swing sets, deck railings, and under roof eaves. Paper wasps are not as aggressive as other species of stinging insects, but they won’t hesitate to defend themselves or the nest from a threat. A “threat” which unfortunately could be you trying to enter or exit your home each day. The venom from a paper wasp is strong enough to cause allergic reactions in people, which in some cases can become life-threatening.

If you discover a paper wasp nest on your property that is threatening the health and safety of your family you may be tempted to get rid of it on your own. There are plenty of DIY wasp control products at the local big box store, so it has to be safe right? Wrong! Trying to remove a paper wasp nest from your property is a bad idea for a couple of reasons. First, you most likely don’t have the correct protective gear and the potential of being stung by the wasps you are going to anger is very high. Second, balancing precariously on a ladder, trying to spray a wasp nest with a can of chemicals is very likely a recipe for disaster! For those reasons and more it is important to always call a professional to assess the situation and safely remove the nest from your property.

At American Pest Solutions our professionals are highly trained and experienced. They will quickly come to your aid and perform a thorough inspection of your property and will safely remove the paper wasp nest from your property that has become a danger to you and your family. To learn more about paper wasps or how we can remove a nest that is dangerously located on your property, get in touch with American Pest Solutions today!